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Here’s The Scoop … Have You Heard From Our Former Mayor Today? ….


Dear Readers …have you received a robo-call from former Mayor Oliver Parker today?… How about yesterday?… The day before that?… The day before that?… This writer has…4 calls in 4 days!… Not only that Parker put an ad in the Sentinel a few days ago…we hear…on the front of the sports page… Quite surprising due to the Sentinel endorsing his opponent…(see below)….Both had to cost a pretty penny!…

Voters are not fans of either!… Just look at the negative reaction when candidate Minnet used robo-calls in her first run for Mayor in 2008…Smart lady…she did not make that mistake again….As for the ad in the Sentinel…well the big ad placed in the Community section did not work for former Commissioner Silverstone last March! ….

Readers…please do your homework…… While we wish the former Mayor and wife well …. as we hear they recently sold their house on Codrington and are to become “neighbors” of this writer for a while in Sea Ranch Club …I heartily agree with the Sentinel and the FlSentry ….he is not the right person for this elected position… Vote to retain Judge Ken Gillespi for Circuit Court Group 2 seat…….


Sentinel Endorsement …
“Retain Judge Ken Gillespie for Circuit Court Group 2 seat
Recommendations for County and Circuit Court seats

Gillespie the choice in Group 2

Kenneth L. Gillespie is one of only five African-American judges in Broward. But in a year when “targeting” of minority judges has become an issue, he deserves to be retained not for diversity’s sake, but for his qualifications.

Gillespie, 42, was appointed to the circuit court in 2009 by Gov. Charlie Crist, and the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board recommends he be retained in the Group 2 seat.

Gillespie, who is in the felony criminal division, has presided over serious felony cases, including capital murder trials, since his appointment to the bench.

He came to the bench with a wide judicial background, as a general magistrate, an assistant state attorney in the Broward state attorney’s office, and senior trial attorney for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Prior to that, he was a math teacher in Broward public schools.

If there is a blemish on Gillespie’s resume, it is the fact he hired well-known criminal defense attorney David Bogenshutz as his campaign treasurer at the same time Bogenshutz was trying cases in front of him. Gillespie has denied any impropriety, but he should be more aware of the perception that is created.

Gillespie is opposed by Oliver Parker, 59, who was mayor of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea from 1998-2008. He is also a supervisor with the Broward Soil and Water Conservation District. He has been an attorney for over 30 years, and believes his knowledge of the law and experience makes him the better candidate.

The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board disagrees, and recommends Gillespie for retention in Group 2. ”,0,6726995.story


more to come….

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