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Dear Readers… below is an email this writer received first thing this morning… as requested I am posting it in its entirety … I do find it rather amusing though that the former Commissioner states my opinions are seen as attacks and then proceeds to do just that himself ….but that was expected by this writer after reading the revisionist history contained in the updated history category of the CIC website which states the CIC and their 2010 slate were the “victims” portrayed as “attackers” by their opposition thus they lost the race by a landslide!…. It did not pass the smell test then and certainly does not now!… In any event we now know that the CIC has one less rabbit in its playbook for 2012!….

‘An Opinion


Jim Silverstone


Barbara Cole

Monday, November 14, 2011 9:27 AM

‘Mrs. Cole,

Please feel free to post the following.

I was informed and read your latest opinion post on your public blog regarding myself and a member of my family. If you had the decency to contact me, I would be more then happy to tell you that I am not running for office. I’ve been telling everyone who has asked the same. Please keep in mind I’m no longer a public figure.

There are others, like myself, with opinions. I think your would agree its best to have input from as many people as possible. But as before, you crossed a line with yours. A line I choose not to cross. My personal life and business has suffered due to your public postings.

What I wrote is what I’ve always believed. The town’s mission statement and in all the articles I wrote for in the By-The-Sea Times, you will find a clear pattern. Please don’t bother to respond to this because you have a pattern of taking certain things out of context without checking all the facts, which means at the least checking with the source. By the way, I made the motion, with the help of Mr. Thompson, which resulted in the towns 1st decrease in its millage rate.

I will not debating this issue with you as it’s my opinion what you are seeking is attention. As I wrote, I will not personally attack anyone nor will I respond to the same. It’s my opinion this is what’s keeping the town divided. I simply choose not to participate.

What I think is important is to get as many people to think and to discuss what is happening in town without the fear of being personally attacked via a public form. This has become the major deterrent keeping people away from getting involved and thus a disservice to all. It’s more beneficial to hear both sides of an issue then to hear only one side.

Thanks for your attention,

Jim Silverstone’

more to come…

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