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Here’s The Scoop … Gas Leak … Who’s In Charge?…


Dear Readers… Here’s what this writer knows so far… There was a call for the BSO Hazmat Team to come to LBTS and the old Damon’s Restaurant..(It’s hadĀ  3 or 4 new names and owners in the last year)…We heard there were multiple violations found including liquor license…fire inspection hazards and the gas leak …We were told there was a call about Hazmat a few days ago…(not sure it was related to this )…and the BSO wanted it shut down yesterday… It was not…We are also told that call would come from the Fire Marshal …who Readers will recall is also the VFD-Fire Inspector…So, the question is…Did the VFD- Inspector/LBTS Fire Marshal call Hazmat in?… Also, we are told the VFD parked its trucks directly in front of the building and that if the building went up…so too would the trucks!… VFD Fire Chief Perkins was present as well as Dep. Chief Padden and members of the BSO including Chief Llerena and Lt. Cedeno….

What was not done was offering any heads up on the situation or calls to the Mayor or the Commissioners that this was going on!… The television channels were there …and it was covered by the Sentinel (see below)…but no call to Town officials?.. Bad call not to call them!… We are also told that no information was available to the press for the VFD due to the VFD using the Town’s Public Information Officer D’Oliveira!… What’s up with that?… Again, we have these “blurry lines” of what exactly the VFD is…Are they a private vendor as we are so often told by the Town Manager and the VFD?.. If so then they need to do their own P.R. with their own PIO..They now have enough full-time employed members to do so… No other Town vendor uses the Town’s PIO… To not have someone on scene and available is something the new VFD needs to fix…It’s bad enough their website is out of date…and the SOPS have not been completed and turned over as promised last January …but thisĀ  PIO situation needs addressing ASAP!….

We were lucky this wasn’t a tragedy such as the Hyperbaric explosion last year…

There needs to be a full report and meeting between the Town, the Commission and all LBTS public safety providers on their roles and the actions taken whenever a potential disaster takes place in Town…


“Part of A1A in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea closed after report of gas leak

A gas leak reported at a Lauderdale-by-the-Sea restaurant has caused authorities to close down a portion of A1A.
The northbound lanes of A1A from Washingtonia Avenue to the restaurant, located just north of 4660 N. Ocean Drive, are closed. The Broward Sheriff’s Office Fire-Rescue crews are on the scene to assist the Lauderdale-by-the-Sea volunteer fire department.
The incident was reported just before 1 p.m., authorities said. No injuries have been reported.”,0,4590658.story

One interesting aside…we are told the same new owner of the old Holiday Inn is the owner of this hotel as well ( old Clarion) as well asTthe Little Inn and The Little Inn Too..Who knew one owner owned so much of the most important street in town?… WOW!….

more to come…..

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