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Dear Readers… Early this morning ( 4 am?)  the result of the Furth’s well planned …perfectly orchestrated opening salvo in the waning day of this hotly contested election were sent out per their “coveted” By The Sea Times News Flash”…The Furths sent an EDITED letter from a “harassed canvasser”…HARDLY…The “harassed canvasser” was none other than CIC “Newbie” Liliana Pomareda..The same woman who received the $56,000 dollar street resurfacing and lives doors away from Mayoral Candidate Joe Couriel…The same CIC “Newbie” who threw paper at another public comment speaker after he was falsely accused of making a racial slur by the Town Manager (a look at the Feb 9, 2010 public comments video shows the non- racial remarks)…The same woman who came to the podium at public comments on Feb. 23, 2010 to further extend the propaganda that the slurs had taken place…The same woman who came up to give questions at the Feb 25th Meet The Candidates Night to disturb the opposition…The same woman who writes in the By The Sea Times…The same contributor to Silverstone, Evans and her neighbor Joe Couriel campaigns. The same woman who is said in an email and by observers to have been spouting hearsay in her multiple letters to the Mayor, Commissioners and we hear the Chief of Police… The same woman who we hear instigated her own “attack” to provoke …with her stroller…

The News Flash is a well learned “TOOL” the Furths picked up from watching the previous owners of the Times…The MacMillans at the previous 2 municipal elections…They also learned to edit …and not show the portion that has Liliana Pomareda…CIC “Newbie” stating ..   “I would have gladly introduced them to my 180 lb Mastiff if that were the case. I am not intimidated nor will I be in the future” among other portions …they conveniently left out…(see below)… We also included a second  e-mail that perhaps the Furths were not aware of from Pomareda…and we hear she sent yet a third e-mail to the BSO Police Chief….YIKES!….

The BSO has received police reports from both sides… A “he said – he said” according to sources… Both sides were riled…and both sides went off…BOTH!…A DVD that has been turned over to the police …It is stated by Liliana Pomareda in her the original e-mail (below) she was filmed…That too was left out of the Furth’s News Flash…It shows a whole other side to their News Flash!… …Hmmm…

So what actually took place?…FURTH POLITICS IN LBTS DAYS BEFORE AN ELECTION….and opposition being “baited” when the Furths  purposely positioned  their candidate Joe Couriel squarely in the mix to provoke and incite and it worked…although it took a full 3 hours!…Now the Furth-CIC candidates think they have an election time “gotcha”to eek out a few votes their way……and an “edited” News Flash to feed into the Silverstone “mob rule” erroneous charges and the Furth “Fear -mongering” strategy they have mastered after years of practice…

But the real question is….will the LBTS voters be played…yet again?…This writer sure hopes they will not!…




—– Forwarded Message —-
To: Roseann Minnet
Cc: jim silverstone ; [email protected]; [email protected];[email protected]
Sent: Mon, March 1, 2010 7:47:18 PM
Subject: Scot’s 20+ son that I met tonight…..Re: enough is enought, I ask that you call a special meeting to disucss the intimidation at campaign rallies….

By the way just curious, I did not know that Scot and Teresa Sasser had a older son, he was out there campaigning today, he’s about 20 something? He wrote on a sign Vote for My Dad. Hmmm I have met Scot and Teresa and I have had pleasant conversations with him since our children attend the same school, did not know they had a older son? This person told me personally today Scot was his father, I told the gentleman I was surprised that he was Scot’s son b/c if Scot had seen the way he acted with me he would not have been happy. I also told Scot’s son I would tell his father that I was disgusted by the way he laughed at me as him and his friend TRIED TO intimidate me and my children (story below in previous email). I told him surely Scot would not stand for this.

Off course this campaigner (Scot’s son) probably did not realize that I am in fact capable of having pleasant relationships with campaigners from your team including yourself. He also probably did not know Scot’s children and mine attend the same school. I will be sure to mention this to Scot, he’s a very polite man and his “son” that was out there “saying” to people “vote for my dad” and holding a sign “vote for my dad” surely was nothing like the Scot I have met. Scot’s family seems so pleasant, he has such a classy wife, and his younger children are darling. I love that he brings them to meetings. I bring my children to campaign events when possible, shame that his older son is such a rude character (if that even is his older son).

Why is it that people from opposite sides of the campaign find it so hard to have pleasant and respectful conversations with each other. That is one thing I am grateful for that I have had that type of relationship with you and your running mates Scot and Vincent. Cannot say the same about the “people” campaigning for you. I can say at least that You, Scot and Vincent have been respectful with me at all times and that is something I only wish you could teach your campaigners. After all they are your voice and presence when you are not around.

Thought you should know that.


Liliana Pomareda
North Tradewinds


; Roseann Minnet
Cc: jim silverstone ; [email protected];[email protected]
Sent: Mon, March 1, 2010 7:05:37 PM
Subject: enough is enought, I ask that you call a special meeting to disucss the intimidation at campaign rallies….

Dear Mayor,

I was out campaigning on Ocean Drive and Commercial Boulevard for over 2 hours today. I ask that you please call a special meeting to discuss the unnecessary rudeness and intimidation going on at the campaign rallies such as tonight’s. There is no reason for it and once again I have seen it with my own two eyes the deliberate intimidation going on by your campaigners. I know that if you and or your running mates were there this would not have happened.

I will not be a victim of the intimidation but though you should know they tried to intimidate me. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I was with my two small children at my own corner as the only campaigner out there at the beginning. Your signs and supporters were on the other 3 corners. Two of your campaigners decide to then come over to the corner I was standing at which off course is fine, HAD THEY BEEN RESPECTFUL. HOWEVER they decided to stand about 2, yes 2 feet in front of my face and crowd around me and my children to cover my sign, myself and my children. Seriously, this is classless, unprofessional, uncalled for, unnecessary AND UNACCEPTABLE!

Prior to me arriving I watched as I walked toward my post how two of your campaigners approached another Couriel/Silverstone/Evans campaigner and told her that she had to show a permit to be out there and that they were going to call the Sheriff’s office to report her, they asked for her name and information. That was all that poor lady needed to feel intimidated and she left. Mayor, I was witness to this myself, as I approached my post she had already left and so did the people with your campaign. The woman came back an hour later and told me she was told to leave by your supporters. THIS IS NOT RIGHT AND I am sure that if you or your running mates were there this would not have happened.

When the woman from Couriel/Silverstone/Evans campaign returned I told her we had just as much right to be out there as she did. She then felt comfortable enough to hold a sign. Once again I witnessed with my own eyes how your campaigners stood in front of her nose to block her and her sign. She would go to the other corner and they would follow her. They followed her to every corner and would deliberately place themselves not even 2 feet in front of her. (I AM SURE THEY DID NOT VIDEO THAT).

They were finding their strength in their numbers and intimidating her. They did not off course come to my corner to do this to me, perhaps b/c I had my children with me or perhaps b/c they knew I would not stand for it OR FALL VICTIM TO IT.

Mayor, please address this as it is a serious concern SINCE IT HAS NOW AFFECTED ME PERSONALLY: As I left I crossed the street and since I was with a stroller I asked one of your campaigners to move so that I could get by with the stroller. At this time a woman from your campaign started yelling at me that I could have walked around the sign and that I had done this on purpose? The side walk is there to be walked on, especially when I have my kids and they are in a DOUBLE STROLLER, not exactly easy to jump over a median. ( YES I AM SURE THE CAMERAS CAUGHT IT ALL, I DID SMILE FOR THEM).

PLEASE PLEASE address this. As you know I do believe that had you been there you would not have tolerated this. Oh, by the way just as quick as the BSO arrived they mostly ceased the blatant intimidationg, offcourse by then the Couriel/Silverstone/Evans campaign had more supporters out. I do not need to find my strength in numbers, I have it on my own but it did seem to calm your supporters down a bit from the intimidating.

As I walked home I had two of your campaigners scream at me and say nasty things (ONE WAS THE MAN THAT PARKS HIS TRUCK IN FRONT OF HIS YARD THAT LOOKS LIKE A CIRCUS, SURE YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS). They were also video taping me and my discussion with another one of your campaigners about why I chose to use the crosswalk. I though the cameras would follow me home, I would have gladly introduced them to my 180 lb Mastiff if that were the case. I am not intimidated nor will I be in the future. This campaign should not be about intimidation. I have never seen anything like this, never. Just unacceptable.

When is enough enough? This needs to be addressed immediately.


Liliana Pomareda
North Tradewinds
response to false accusations
Tuesday, March 2, 2010 12:10 AM
“Diana Kugler”
[email protected]
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Hi Barbara,
Shortly you will receive a short video from Louis and Martha which hopefully will help put this afternoons events into perspective. The video depicts myself and the woman who complained of inappropriate conduct to the commissioners and later, me talking to Joe Couriel. Remember, all the allegations made by this woman never actually happened to her at all. Her complaints are strictly based on hearsay. As this video demonstrates, I took the highroad and was respectful at all times to this individual. Though I was not aware at the time that video was running, I am glad that some objective evidence exists, showing that I was neither threatening nor intimidating to this woman. In fact, this video captures what happened immediately after this woman acted as the instigator, attempting to disrupt and provoke our sign holders by attempting to barge between them with her child’s stroller. Therefore, she was in fact the aggressor and not the other way around. It was not until this woman noticed that her actions were being recorded that she suddenly changed her entire demeanor.

Please call me with any questions you may have regarding these false claims.

Diana Kugler


From: Scot Sasser
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2010 08:48:15 -0500
, Roseann Minnet
Cc: jim silverstone , ,
Conversation: Scot’s 20+ son that I met tonight…..Re: enough is enought, I ask that you call a special meeting to disucss the intimidation at campaign rallies….
Subject: Re: Scot’s 20+ son that I met tonight…..Re: enough is enought, I ask that you call a special meeting to disucss the intimidation at campaign rallies….

Ms. Pomareda,

Thank you for your email. As you know I do not condone derogatory behavior or abusive conduct from anyone. Bad behavior from any side, during this election campaign, should not be tolerated. Once again thank you for your email.


Scot Sasser
(954) 254-1743
[email protected]

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: 3/2/2010 10:21:55 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: RE: enough is enought, I ask that you call a special meeting to disucss the i

Dear Ms. Pomareda,

I am in receipt of your emails. Public safety is paramount and there are no exceptions. I will follow-up with Chief LLerena to ensure the highest level of safety is provided to you and all the residents of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea.

Thank you, Roseann MInnet

more to come….on Youtube?…..

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