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Here’s The Scoop … Former Mayoral Candidate Perpetuating “Racism” In LBTS ….. Spanish Online News Story ……


Dear Readers…This writer heard a few days ago that an article was being written based on accusations still be perpetuated by former mayoral candidate Joe Couriel and his CIC “Newbie” “Galpal” Liliana Pomerada…It is online …in Spanish  …it is translated by “Google”… So any mix-up you see with gender is from Google…as well as any misinterpretation in the translation….also due to the software program…

From the meetings and BCBTS 2/9/10 post…

“BTSTimes in 2007…

The audience was incensed and one resident screamed out in disgust, accusing the Mayor, the attorneys and the developers of being thieves! ( This resident is from Cuba and could not contain his anger towards this happening in his country.)… Yep, it’s him…Mayoral candidate Joe Couriel!…”

Feb. 9, 2010….

“At public comments resident Bob Schuyler spoke about that article and included the following statement “Then a local resident from Cuba called all involved thieves.”……

“Joe Couriel the Furth-CIC-endorsed candidate for Mayor came to speak and he said this as he ended his comments…” Um, thank you very much and ah, by the way I did call out thief. I was pro, very proudly removed from the audience at that time…..”

“….Joe Couriel acknowledges this writer wrote the truth in 2007.”…..

“Right after Joe Couriel, resident Chuck Gress was called to the podium to make his public comments which ended with this ” We’re a democracy and not a dictatorship. You want your like run by a Dictator move to Cuba. Ask yourself this, ask this, how many people are on the nightly news with stories being reported about them making rafts out of coconuts and plywood trying to paddle to Cuba?”

“Town Manager Esther Colon took the microphone “As a Town Manager, as a individual born and raised in this country with Cuban parents I take that statement to be derogatory! So maybe you need to read the U.S. Constitution. But any commissioner that allows residents to talk about ethnicity that is really sad!”

Readers will recall …as Manager Colon so often says…there was NO slur or racist remark made that night…The audience was being riled up by a losing campaign and a losing Administration who thought they might have found something to turn their campaign around…

It was despicable on Feb 9th…..It was despicable on Feb 23rd… It was despicable when they tried to get more mileage out of it March 1st….but were prevented from doing so by the video of Pomerada and the police report that showed an encounter on both sides…all the way through to their Campaign Manager’s March 6th BTSTimes News Flash that was dismissed as to its accuracy with an e-mail sent to them by LBTS-BSO Police Chief Llerena concerning the statement they falsely sent out in that e-mail claiming the BSO was protecting them from their opponents….offering it up for validity for their claims… (prev .post 3/6/10)

An excerpt of Chief Llerena’s e-mail …which was never posted by the BTSTimes in a clarification or correction…

“From: LLerena, Oscar
Sent: Sat 3/6/2010 3:47 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: BST News Flash Clarification

Dear By The Sea Times Editor,

In response to your 06 MAR 10 “news flash”, I am pleased to see that our efforts to promote public safety are noted.

I also believe it important that you offer clarification to your readers regarding some of your statements, specifically, “Thankfully, BSO Chief Llerena has been overseeing this group to make sure the intimidation
stops and citizens are free to campaign without being harrassed [sic].”

As a result of the unfortunate incident on 01 MAR 10 at the intersection of A1A and Commercial Boulevard, we received reports of inappropriate conduct from candidates and supporters on both sides of this election. These disturbances quickly stopped once we were summoned and responded to the scene.

As I stated at the 04 MAR 10 Commission meeting, I urge all residents to accept responsibility for their actions and not let their emotions get the best of them during this political election. To state that the BSO Lauderdale-by-the-Sea district has been overseeing “this group” may lead a reader to mistakenly believe this is an instance of biased-based policing.

BSO does not tolerate biased-based policing, regardless of race, color, creed or political affiliation. The LBTS district strives to maintain the peace while protecting the rights of all individuals.

We are proud of the fact that throughout this election campaign, we have done our best to address any breaches of the peace, regardless of political affiliation. All allegations of inappropriate conduct or criminal mischief were addressed quickly and decisively. We have not been notified of subsequent campaign-related disturbances after the unfortunate incident last Monday.

Again, we appreciate when the public we serve recognizes our efforts to promote the public safety for the Town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

Best Regards,

Chief Oscar Llerena
Broward Sheriff’s Office
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea District”

Joe Couriel’s campaign and that of his running mates were based on fear-mongering …and falsehoods…and they lost big time 2-1…on March 9, 2010…. because of who they were running against and the full-out negative campaign they ran ….

In this writer’s opinion for this “professional” news reporter to take this story and publish it without getting all the facts before his deadline … he now joins the cast of “characters” (Couriel/Pomerada/Furths/ Silverstone/McIntee/ CIC/ LOWV’s Moderator Carol Smith/Town Manager Esther Colon/ Comm. Birute Clottey/ former candidate Marjorie Evans )…in putting a “black eye” on LBTS!….

This reporter obviously did not watch the 2/9/10 video or the 2/23/10 …..He must not have spoken to the Chief of Police…He did not speak to the Mayor and he did not speak to Mr. Marchelos until after he submitted his story…saying his deadline was that morning (Thur. 3/25/10)….

There were no series of “injuries” at any meetings or any outdoor confrontations…as Mr Couriel states in this story….

This writer has made a Public Records Request for the Incident Report…I cannot believe a BSO report would state ” the  Cuban” as is written in this story…(if it is not a Google translation error)….Also, there was no “lawsuit” that we are aware of … just a police report containing both sides of the complaints…
Public Records Request
Saturday, March 27, 2010 3:10 AM
“Barbara Cole”
[email protected]
[email protected]
Dear Chief Llerena,
I am requesting a copy of the police report for the March 1st incident at Commercial and A1A involving Joseph Couriel and Louis Marchelos.
I have just read a story online that was translated with Google.
If the translation is accurate there are a few statements I find disturbing.
The reporter states (again if the translation is correct) that the BSO Report refers to Mr. Couriel as “the Cuban”.
It also states that there were “injuries” at the Commission meetings and at the incident on March 1st.
Also stated is there was a lawsuit.
Please advise me when I can pick it up.
Thank you, Barbara Cole.
A link to the story ….,0,6472021.story?page=1

There were also no racist remarks made in Jarvis Hall on the 9th…Nope..just Liliana Pomerada throwing something at Chuck Gress who made his remarks during Public Comments ….those comments were taken out of context for this whole trumped up story….(prev. post)….including in this new article ….. where he was misquoted ….

The Reporter also wrongly states Joe Couriel was in the Korean War…(an insinuation made from the dais during the debate) …as previously posted Mr. Couriel was drafted in the Vietnam War and served in Korea…

This reporter needs to retract and clarify his story to retain any journalistic credibility….again, in this writer’s opinion….

As previously posted …..Joe Couriel has put his house up for sale (prev. post)…Question is…is it a ploy for more P.R. or has he realized what he has done by  escalating this “racism in LBTS” story?….He  has erased any contribution he said he made to this town when he ran?..In this writer’s opinion…..


THE POSTED STORY ….. w/link below…..

“Denuncian ataques racistas en Broward
Empresario cubano dijo haber sido víctima de ofensiva campaña al postular a alcaldía de Lauderdale By The Sea
Por Enrique Flor, EL SENTINEL
25 de marzo, 2010 ”
Puede comunicarse con Enrique Flor en el 954-356-4087 o en [email protected]
Broward reported racist attacks
Cuban businessman said he was the victim of an offensive campaign to run for mayor of Lauderdale By The Sea
By Enrique Flor, THE SENTINEL


March 25, 2010
A former candidate for mayor of the tourist city Lauderdale-By-The-Sea claimed she was victim of racist attacks with insults by Cuban immigration status – to the point of receiving spit in his face during the general election campaign of March 9.

Businessman Joseph Couriel, 62 and born in Havana, said the injuries occurred on several occasions, including in public hearings the city council, and were uttered by people suspected of supporting the Mayor Roseann Minnet, who eventually was re-elected.

“I said from ‘Cuba as a pin …’,’ Cuban returns to the island ‘or’ queer ‘among other insults,” complained Couriel, who migrated to America in 1961, when he was 14 as part of Operation Peter Pan, a shelter program for 14,000 children of parents who were opposed to Fidel Castro.

The climax of the attacks on the former candidate would have happened on March 1. According to the police report filed that night by the police Couriel to Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Cuban was spat upon by Elias Marchel, owner of Greek restaurant Athena By The Sea

The aforementioned police report obtained by the Sentinel, argues that the Cuban had been being harassed and intimidated by supporters of opposition candidates while on a political campaign, at 6:45 pm that day, at the corner of Commercial Boulevard and Ocean Drive, where the restaurant is located.

“My fans were in the opposite corner and had been harassed, I crossed to where they were supporters of the mayor Minnet, and suddenly I began to be insulted, but I did not respond, I am a quiet man, until I spat Marchelo in the face, “said Couriel.

The Sentinel was seeking Marchelo version. A manager at the restaurant said the business owner was busy in a meeting, but would contact you later. At press time there was no response.

However, Marchelo Couriel denied having spit on a complaint by the next day the police of that city. The lawsuit alleges that he was Couriel Marchelo who “tried to provoke a discussion.” The report also argues that Marchelo surrendered to police a video taken by his wife on the facts.

For his part, Mayor Minnet – in response to a request by the Sentinel – said there were two reports of the same incident, saying more information could be provided by the chief of police of that city, because she was not when happened.

Regarding the alleged grievances in public hearings, Couriel said several of the insults occurred in the assignment of 9 February, but they were never registered, he said, because “were uttered out of the reach of video cameras in the room mayor
However, at that time, City Manager Esther Colon, of Cuban origin, was a warning to stop derogatory statements after the intervention of a neighbor who said “this (Lauderdale-By-The-Sea) is a democratic system, this is not a dictatorship, but they like to return to Cuba.

Another video of municipal meetings, February 23, recorded on audio and image Liliana Pomareda Couriel follower of asking the mayor to put a stop to racist comments.

“Freedom of expression is protected by the First Amendment (…) but please stop all this negativity,” said Pomareda, who maintained that Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is a town (located between Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach) with a Hispanic small minority that deserves to be respected.

Meanwhile Couriel, who served in the Army in the Second Infantry Division in the Korean War and then graduated as a business administrator at Florida International University, recalled that he had never before been the subject of such attacks.

“I’ve been married 39 years, I have a son and two grandchildren, and had never been treated this way,” said Couriel, whose furniture company in Hialeah offers employment to workers of various nationalities. “I decided to run for mayor because I thought it good to have an alternative, but what happened here is a total loss of respect,0,6472021.story?page=1

more to come…..

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