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Here’s The Scoop … EXHALE! ….


Dear Readers … Everybody take a deep breath and exhale…The situation with the termination of the Town Manager is a 3- prong situation… It entails her termination and her compensation… compensation and payouts in the future ….along with the handling of that payout by the new Interim Town Manager and staff …

PRONG #1-In April 2007 Town Manager Bob Baldwin resigned…He did not have a severance package…but he did get paid $150,989.06 (prev. post in 2009)…How is that possible…because Bob Baldwin  received accrued and unused vacation/sick hours…


480 SCK /1,154.57 VAC Gross $120,962.06

Total 10 week compensation HOL $30,027.00

Direct Deposit Total $150,989.06



Severance $168,041.90

2 Days withholding $1,234.94

Amt. for all accrued and unused hours  537.41 (hrs)VAC  $41,479.25

Amt. for all accrued and unused hours 729.35 SCK  (hrs) $56,293.88

Amt. for all accrued compensatory time accrued prior to appt. as Town Manager  377.52  COMP(hrs) $29,138.36

Total $296,188.33

Taxes debited

Fed Inc. Tax $85,519.70

SS-EE $3,334.52

SS-ER $3,334.52

Medicare -EE $4,134.28

Medicare -ER $4,134.28

Total taxes debited $100,457.30

ADP Direct Deposit $176,371.47

Total amt. debited $276,828.77


Ok…so you can all see we knew that former Town Manager was going to walk away with her $160,000+ years severance … a point well covered and uncovered (first by this writer and posted on this site )…The rest of her payout was the accrued and unused big bucks that would have been due to her no matter if she had been terminated or she chose to resign…. just as it was for her predecessor Bob Baldwin!…

PRONG #2 …That being said the real problem for this Town..going forth is how do we stop such payments of this kind for the next Town Manager…along with the pensions…that will most likely give 50-something Esther Colon an additional $2 million in expected lifetime of receiving such monies?…

This writer as well as other well informed taxpayers know the “perks” such as the accrued/unused time and pensions are what is going to take municipalities down going forth…

PRONG #3- The actions of the newly appointed Town Manager John Olinzock and his staff prior to the termination …immediately after the termination and in the days following the termination…in the handling of the payout …and the interaction or lack thereof with the Town Attorneys and four Commissioners who were actively trying to stop the payment of the check  and get answers while they were seeking advise from the Town Atty. throughout!..

Mayor Minnet, Vice Mayor Dodd, Comm. Sasser and Comm. Vincent were on top of the situation and were in constant contact with the Atty. and Interim Town Manager Olinzock…The Commissioners were ignored by JohnO and or given the same type of responses  and non- responses as described in the Town Atty. e-mail posted prior on Apr. 23, 2010…The Town Atty. getting no reply from the Interim Town Manager or his staff followed up that e-mail with a Public Records Request!…How absurd is that?… Soon after the payout was sent to them…after the direct deposit was distributed to Colon… Soon after the Town Atty. e-mail was received by the Mayor, she called for the Town Manager to lock down Town Hall over the weekend…We hear she asked the Town Atty. and the Town Atty. said she did not have the authority to do it on her own..she was required to go through JohnO…She called him and then was left to wait for a response as well…When he did respond he told her IT people were coming in to take care of the servers…That was agreed upon to allow them in, but no employees …until the payout was received by the Mayor and she saw the numbers and the dates stating this payout period was week 16 and it ended on the 20th…indicating prior work had to be done on the payout…perhaps with the aid of the former Town Manager herself? … The Mayor quickly called Interim Town Manager and directed him to cancel the IT contractors and lock down the building from all employees and contractors from that time 6:30 to 8 am Monday morning… This will keep anything on the computers in town intact …and safe from any intentional or unintentional IT work that would have been done!…

The meeting for Monday will address the actions of the Interim Town Manager and his staff…and the proper or improper procedures that occurred from the time of Colon’s termination ..In this writer’s opinion there will be insubordination charges made against JohnO ….He along with members of staff must face the music still while required investigation into who, what, when and where the payout was done is active…

Then,  we have 8 candidates for the Interim Town Manager position that have been requested to come to the meeting for a decision to be made to hire one of them to replace JohnO who should be terminated from employment in this town…He will still have to face the music for his actions no doubt once the investigation is active…. 8 resumes in 2 days…WOW!…

The search for a long term Town Manager will begin…and from the looks of it…Vice Mayor Dodd was correct…you can put an RFP out for Town Manager …it is not “unusual” at all!….Those numbers should be staggering…again showing how poorly former Town Manager Esther Colon served this town over the last 3 years…

So in conclusion…Readers…please note….while the amount of the gross payout is staggering …taking away the severance…and once the payout documentation has been verified and/or reconciled…this payout has not left us in dire straits and it is anything but unprecedented…it is in fact, the status quo for municipal government employment agreements…The question now as stated above …will it continue to be so in LBTS?..

Also, please know that Mayor Minnet, Vice Mayor Dodd, Commissioner Sasser and Commissioner Vincent are the same people elected March 9th and as such they are doing their due diligence and working hard to see that the Town is moving forward while taking care of  the very big mess they inherited! …

more to come….

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