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Here’s The Scoop … Did The Town Administration Delay The Swearing In Of The 2010 Commission?…


Dear Readers…. In the prior post this writer wrote about the Chamber’s Craft Fair that almost wasn’t when Commissioner Dodd was called to assist with the Town Administration who was about to quash the weekend event after the company rep. was held up and treated poorly by the an employee in the development trailer for hours was deemed to be too late in picking up the permit afterward in Town Hall…Asst. John Olinzock, it is said tried to impose a $370 “late fee” in order to punish her tardiness!…

In looking to see if such a “late fee” does in fact exist… the following code was found  concerning the election and the swearing in of the newly elected commissioners!…

From the Town website-muni-codes…(link before)…


*Cross references: Elections, Ch. 7.

Sec. 2-17. Meeting to seat new members.
On the Friday following the regular election at which a Town Commissioner shall be elected in accordance with Section 6.1 of the Town Charter, the Town Commission shall meet at the usual place for holding meetings of the legislative body of the Town, at which time the newly elected Town Commissioner(s) shall assume the duties of his or her office.
(Sp. Acts 1951, Ch. 27675, Pt. II, Art. 7, §§ 1, 2; Charter Amendment, June 3, 1952)
Cross Ref.
Chapter 7 ELECTIONS*

Sec. 7-4. Manner of election and taking office.
(a) The candidate or candidates, depending upon the number to be elected, receiving the highest number of votes in the election, shall be the winner or winners.
(b) Such duly-elected municipal officers shall take office within 14 days after the election, the specific day to be decided by ordinance.
(Code 1962, § 8-4)

(The Town website showed the tallied votes on Friday from the SOE)…

OOPS!….According to the above  Article 2-17/Chap. 7-4….. The New Commission should have been sworn in yesterday, March 12, 2010…not Monday March 15, 2010!….

What’s up with this?….Looks like someone has some explainin’  to do!….And it better not start out with “As you recall!”….

By the way…there does not appear to be a “late fee” for being tardy in picking up a permit!….Here we go again …why would the Asst. Town Manager act in such a manner?…Why wouldn’t the Asst. Town Manager offer to assist and expedite in order to ensure this wonderful event that only helps our Town in every way?… Looks like someone else has some explainin’ to do as well!…

more to come…

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