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Here’s The Scoop … Day 4 In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea … Time To Pay The Fiddler …


Dear Readers … Day 4 of being back home produced two ways for LBTS to pay the “fiddler”… The sewer increase that was discussed  at the previous Comm./Rdtable Mtgs…(prev. posts).. is going to hit us all in the pocketbook …after a select few kept up a “ruse” of no passed on sewer rate increases for  the south end of town since 2003… Add to that the secret long kept of having the 4 annexed in Sea Ranch Condominiums pay first the Town and then Ft. Lauderdale…who in turn kicked in the difference to Pompano Beach…without ever following the direction given by the Commission at a special meeting of going to Pompano Beach upon the annexation for these 4 buildings to come into the longtime Master Sewer Agreement the south had with them…If that was turned down by Pompano the Town Atty. at the time, Atty. Cherof is on record stating they could go for a declaratory judgment… Then and only then were the Town to consider any alternative to comply with the promise of making the sewer rates for the annexed in area equitable … That pointy was driven home according to the archived minutes (prev. post) by none other  than former Mayor (then a Comm.) Oliver Parker who stated to offer such an alternative might deter the first 2 directed steps to fail… The fallout from the action taken …without the knowledge of those annexed in buildings until  a few months ago along with the rest of the south end  will now be felt by all as they get the increases coming this winter… Is there any recourse to those who made the decision behind the closed doors of Town Hall?…Probably not…except to remember this is why no administration/ Town Atty. going forward can ever again be given a “pass” on their assurances without providing all the backup …the reports and the agreements as was done for far too long by  past Commissions…

The Sentinel is being much more attentive to what’s happening in our town…and after Thursday’s parking exemption story…yesterday online/ today in print was the sewer rate increases…

Sentinel stories…links below…

“Lauderdale-by-the-Sea looks to match higher sewer rates charged by Pompano Beach
Town’s system is running in the red and needs extra revenue to break even

All the town’s residents may soon be paying very similar sewer fees, even though they’re on different systems.
Town commissioners are pushing to make the town’s rates in the south end comparable to the higher rates charged by Pompano Beach in the north end because the town’s sewer operation has been running in the red since 2008.
A typical customer of the town’s system could see rate increases on the sewer portion of their monthly water and sewer bill of between 54 percent and 83 percent. That’s how much the town needs to increase rates beginning in February to cover the town’s costs.
For a single-family homeowner using 7,000 gallons of water a month, the monthly cost for the base sewer charge and for water used would increase 58 percent, from $22.60 to $35.89, under the proposal.
The rates may actually need to be higher through September. The proposed rates would leave a deficit of almost $62,000 this year because the increase would only cover two-thirds of the current fiscal year.
“I’m in favor of setting a rate that would give us zero deficit this year,” Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd said. “We may be able to drop the rate next year.”
Commissioners plan to hold public hearings on the sewer rates at their Dec. 7 meeting and in January.
Commissioners are adamant that they want to change rates that are forcing the town to dip into its reserves to cover costs. The town’s sewer reserves now stand at about $1.5 million. The town would have to eat up almost $400,000 in reserves this year if no rate change is made, officials estimate.
However, the town still has to figure out how it can raise money to build up the reserves to pay for future repairs. The current proposal is only expected to generate about $33,000 a year for capital reserves in future years.
Several commissioners said the best thing to do would be to mirror Pompano’s rates.
“We are trying to get on an equitable level of everyone paying the same,” Commissioner Chris Vincent said.
While Pompano charges $3.46 for each 1,000 gallons used, the town only charges $3 per 1,000 gallons. Commissioners want to know how much income the extra $.46 per 1,000 gallons would generate if the town matched Pompano’s volume rate.”,0,2509578.story

“Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is considering increasing sewer rates to the portion of the town south of Pine Avenue, which is served by the town, and in the Sea Ranch Club condominiums. Current charges do not cover costs and are forcing the town to eat into its reserve funds.
Housing type Current Proposed Increase
Single-family $22.60$35.8958%
15-unit complex$19.05$29.2654%
25-unit complex$17.43$29.2668%
50-unit complex$17.43$29.2668%
100-unit complex$16.90$29.2673%
200-unit complex$15.95$29.2683%
*Charges are based on 7,000-gallon usage for single-family homes and 5,000-gallon usage for all other dwellings.
Source: Town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea”,0,2033361.story


While we  may have to tighten our belts to offset the increase we will get…there is a “fiddler” we don’t have to pay…and she comes to our town to play on a new stage almost every Friday  Night!… This writer was told by quite a few I had to check out the “fiddler” Dave Gadsby had brought to play at his Friday Night Village Grill weekly event… I did and boy am I glad I did!…Those who promised me I would be “blown away”  …were “spot on” as my friend VM Dodd says…..Dave who was celebrating his birthday told me he pursued them for 3 years… and I as well as countless others are sure glad he was persistent…. For those of you who haven’t yet gone to check it out…Make sure you get to Pelican Square for the Chamber of Commerce Christmas-By-The-Sea Dec. 8th from 5-9pm.. The fiddler will be there …We are told she will be here at least every other Friday…Good thing because we are also told Dave’s phone has been ringing off the hook from fans wanting more…

Don’t forget about Saturday nights in LBTS as well…Louis Marchelos told this writer tonight Athena By The Sea has a new band…who will join Elvis and other bands to entertain us all… Again, free entertainment provided by a business in our town… NICE!…

more to come….

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