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Dear Readers …This writer spent a very peaceful day back home on Thanksgiving… A late no commitment to keep wake-up time was a welcome change of pace… Even taking in time to watch the parade on TV from Macy’s as well as the parade outside my window of those walking the shore and then those riding the waves  kite-surfing …That’s a sight that never gets old and never ceases to amaze this writer of how lucky we all are to ride where we do… I spent some time after doing the mundane out some closets and drawers and finally being able to put my hands on my missing house/car keys that I put away so well …in a safe place to be able to retrieve them…So safe I did not run by them until day 2!… I was very touched by the e-mails of Happy Thanksgiving from some longtime Readers I have not heard from in what seems to be ages from outside Town limits as well as inside with big “Welcome Home” messages attached!… As you will see below LBTS was in the Sentinel in print with a story about the ever impressive Lenore Nolan-Ryan who makes us all not only envious but amazed as we observe the life she leads…professionally and personally …Last time it was a Philadelphia Cream Cheese contest…this time it’s what came out of her top place position in that competition and as a longtime chef on a Yacht … Above that and online yesterday/in print on the front page of the Local Sec. today …the first press coverage of the soon- to- be exemption  offered to new restaurants in town …(this writer believes existing establishments will end up with no retroactive $s but no required renewal when their agreements are up)… The comments made are right in line with the responses this writer has heard from most of those that get it…The Mayor is right now the only one who appears to be in-line with those who do not… “Ramifications”… the fear of parking problems …I just cannot wrap my head around that one… We had the business community come to us not long ago before the current valet service approved by this commission…At that time local restaurant owners talked of a private parking garage as well as other options…I believe that will happen again if the parking is ever in question… The doomsday predictions of what ifs…I have seen before…and they never seem to pan out … This writer and the BCbythesea Hubby walked El Mar Drive around 5 pm …heading toward the downtown for a walk and some turkey after politely turning down offers to join others to do so…(A day of no commitments was really what we were thankful for)… As we left the SRC property we ran into a couple who have been longtime residents…The welcomed us home as well and told us they were no longer members of the CIC…and did not know anyone that was…The spoke of the changes they saw and all is quiet in town…They think the new Comm.and staff are doing a good job…They asked about the sewers and how it was kept under wraps so long…I replied a “well planned ruse by a chosen few”…(prev. posts)…They asked me if I had seen the lien signs on the hotel we were standing by (The old Clarion)…We said we had not..They said there were three such signs on the front side of the building on A1A…We finished up and continued on…Souters on the east side of El Mar is now the Southern Seas… A new …what appears to be a single home is being build on the west side of the street near Dave Nixon’s place… The Buena Vista and the Courtyard look empty …Whatever happened to the grand plans for a redo on the hotel and the private home on the beach?… Big shocker as well was the Sea Lord all beautifully re-done when we left …under construction with a new sign of a new resort called Porte something with a C…I didn’t write it down..The old building next to it seems to be slowly on its way to being the 4 apartments approved some time back…(prev. post)… The Windjammer looks great …I had read in the BTSFutureof the paint job…before seeing for myself…. .the old Holiday Inn owned we are told by the same owner of the former Clarion was pitch black with less than a handful of rooms lit with occupants.. The bar looked shut down and empty…Inside stacked up in what was the former offices were furniture stacked to the ceiling…Is it on its last legs?… The Oriana has a sign offering the developers close-out sale…as well as some errant choice cans in the bike lane…Once in the downtown…It was great to see that this year the trees were lit all the way from Commercial to the Pavilion…something asked for but ignored last year this time by the former administration… Also glad to see for myself that the ice cream shop by the pier finally got their sidewalk bench back!… The Pier Beach Cafe’ turned out great to see as well… Aruba was as busy as always with a few patrons fanning out into the Pavilion to admire the view…We chose to sit outside and enjoy the 2 “Blue Plate Specials” offered for Thanksgiving at the Village Grill …Both meals were perfect …just what we wanted… After the meal we walked toward A1A and saw the yogurt shop sign by Kilwins that is to come in…as well as a shop that said everything must go… We observed the remodeled building across from Athena on the corner and the sign in the window for a renter perhaps… that says “Restaurant Bar”!… That would really be something…A nice restaurant on that corner along with the new gourmet burger place going into the former Burger King site …It’s a start to what can happen in our downtown… I have heard some who wonder if Wings might make an about face and come back to their original desire for 2 restaurants on their top floors…Hmmm… no Hooters …was of course added in the conversation as well as questions on their status with renters in the renovated apartments finished not so long ago as well as the struggle with the town over the permits for their lot now in circuit court…(prev. post)… That too would start the movement to the west side of the district… Other talk on this topic …Find a way to extend the sidewalk cafes west and pen the breezeway back up if that too has not been dealt with…We ended the day by stopping by and catching up with friends in the north end of town…and of course talking about all the above and more…When this writer returned home I finished watching the on-demand movie I purchased…Eat,Pray, Love with Julia Roberts who traveled to Italy, India and Bali to find peace and meaning to her life… Those of us lucky enough to live in LBTS can find all that here …just by getting up in the morning…  making no commitments for the day ….partaking in the beauty right outside their window …Tonight we’re heading downtown to see if Dave has booked the band we hear has his phones ringing off the hook …and a must-see according to many who have said it’s a must for this writer as well…and of course to see even more of the “regulars” I have yet to catch up with and have missed so much!…


SENTINEL..full link below…

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea may relax rule requiring specific number of restaurant parking spaces

In order to help the local economy and spur business activity, town commissioners want to ditch parking requirements placed on new restaurants seeking to open in town.
“We don’t have a parking problem. We have an empty storefront problem,” Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd said. “Economic times have changed and we need to be dynamic about it.”
The town currently requires a restaurant to provide 20 parking spaces for every 1,000 square feet of dining space. Jeff Bowman, the town’s development services director, said meeting those requirements is the No. 1 deterrent for new businesses interested in opening in the town.

Sometimes would-be applicants are short one or two spaces, sometimes 10 or 20, Bowman said.
While the requirements might have made sense in more prosperous times, commissioners said they are now an impediment to economic activity.
“Unless we change the rules for restaurants, there won’t be any opening anytime soon in Lauderdale-by the-Sea,” said Dodd, who counted 13 empty businesses on a recent bike ride along the city’s portion of Commercial Boulevard east of the Intracoastal Waterway.
Commissioners said they want to act quickly to change the situation and directed staff to bring them a proposal for their Dec. 7 meeting.
Mayor Roseann Minnet cautioned against moving too quickly without considering all the ramifications. Some businesses currently have agreements with the town where they pay for spaces provided by the town to meet their requirements. Staff will research those implications as well when presenting a proposal to the commission.
Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey said other businesses, particularly local mom-and-pop hotels seeking to expand, could also benefit from relaxed parking requirements. Other commissioners said they’re willing to look at the bigger picture later, but wanted to deal with the restaurant situation immediately.
Commissioners said the town’s parking lots are seldom filled to capacity and want to encourage an atmosphere where visitors are encouraged to park and stroll, like along Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach or Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.
If the end result is a parking crunch, Dodd said he’d gladly deal with that problem.
“When the parking spaces are full, we’re going to have a thriving town as a result of it,” Dodd said.”,0,4946679.story



SENTINEL…full link below…

“Name: Lenore Nolan-Ryan

Title: Owner, Lenore Nolan-Ryan Cooking School and Catering Company, 228 Commercial Blvd., Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, 954-491-2340.

Age: 56
Years at this location: 10

Type of food: Variety

Background: Born in Miami Beach, Nolan-Ryan spent her early years in Cuba, where her father owned casinos and where the family witnessed Castro’s takeover.

A self-taught cook who acquired culinary skills from her mother, she abandoned studies of voice and piano to open a Sunday brunch-only cafe in Indianapolis, where she attended Butler University. She owned Ryan’s, a takeout restaurant, wine bar and fine-dining establishment in a Victorian house in San Francisco, for 20 years before returning to Florida in 1997. She spends her winters catering and teaching in South Florida and her summers as chef aboard the MV Jamal, a 72-foot Hatteras that charters out of Alaska and the San Juan Islands.

What do you most enjoy about working aboard a yacht?

Everything is so beautiful in Alaska and the San Juan Islands. When I’m on the vessel, I feel grounded. The phone doesn’t ring. I don’t have to worry about budgets. And I get to see beautiful places through other people’s eyes. Even after 19 years, the first time our guests see a glacier or a whale breaching or a bear at the shoreline, it’s like I’m seeing it for the first time again.

Do you plan your menus before leaving the dock?

I always serve herb and lemon chicken with roasted vegetables the first night because when people get on board they’re a little nervous and it’s a comforting, basic meal that reassures people I can cook. I buy most of my ingredients ahead of time, but I don’t make up the menus until I know people’s tastes — like whether I should prepare halibut in parchment paper or with a pecan crust and maple butter sauce.

Have you had celebrities aboard?

Mario Batali chartered the boat with his children, Benno and Leo, his wife, Susi, and Susi’s best friend to celebrate her birthday. Her favorite food is Alaskan king crab and there was a lot left over the night I made it, so Mario announced he’d cook for all of us the next night. During a stopover in Seattle, I’d picked up several olive oils, including one that cost $125. Of course, he used that one and, as he’s going glug, glug, glug using all of my beautiful olive oil, the crew members who knew what I paid eyed me. But I’ve got to tell you, it was the best pasta I ever had. I duplicate the recipe in my cooking classes but I don’t use $125 olive oil.

You were a finalist in Kraft Food’s Real Women of Philadelphia contest? Was that fun?

Yes. I submitted a video of myself making my Aunt Betty’s salmon wrapped in pastry using Philadelphia Cream Cheese and, though I didn’t win, I had a great time. The finalists were put up in beautiful suites at The Mansion (on Forsyth Park Hotel and Spa) in Savannah, Ga., for a week, where we were taken around in chauffeur-driven limousines and hung out with Paula Deen. When she met me, she said, “Why, Lenore, you look just like me.” I’m still in contact with everyone I met that week and we’re planning a reunion in Savannah next year.

How has that helped your career?

Kraft has hired me to create recipes it can use to promote a new product, a line of shredded cheeses that have a touch of Philadelphia Cream Cheese in them. I’ll also be doing YouTube videos demonstrating these recipes.

What food would you bring to a deserted island?

Artichokes. In my restaurant in San Francisco, I served artichokes a different way every night. Hot, cold, steamed, with vinaigrette. It’s a great food for preparing 365 different ways.

What’s your favorite food show?

I watch all of them and my favorite is Jamie Oliver. I love the way he cooks. Everything’s right out of the garden and there’s no muss and no fuss. His style is brilliant because it’s so easy and affordable. He doesn’t insist on a long list of ingredients or elaborate preparation.

What’s always in your refrigerator?

Veuve Clicquot champagne, artichokes, goat cheese and good greens, usually arugula or spinach.

What would your last meal be?

It’d be a meal I had in a restaurant in the south of France. The first course was steamed artichoke with the most delicious garlic mayonnaise I ever had. Then they served a bouillabaisse with rouille and beautiful baguettes drizzled with olive oil. The last course was little fried pastries dusted with sugar and served with an array of confitures.

Is there anything acquaintances would be surprised to learn about you?

If I weren’t a cook, I’d be an actress and a singer. I do community theater at Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Performing Arts Center. My last role was the lead in Neil Simon’s “Rose’s Dilemma.”,0,2368324.story

more to come…

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