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Here’s The Scoop … Crying Wolf Is $elective … What Difference A Monday Makes When It Comes To Clo$ing Down The Road In Downtown Lauderdale-By-The- $ea …


Dear Readers …this writer has been remiss in doing the roundup of the May 24th Regular Comm. meeting and hope to do that asap…In the meantime it appears that the Town and the July 4th Committee have continued this week to spend many hours of staff time trying to sort out and  deal with the fallout after a giant wrench was thrown their way by the Marchelos brothers over their cries that they were left out of the Town July 4th event (prev. posts) and the resulting increase they would be charging for the use of the Pier (with conditions included that have nothing to do with its use) for the fireworks as well as changing a 3-year deal to one year as stipulated in the contract that was to be approved on May 24th… and adding on terms that benefit them even more ….

Well …whatever the outcome …and before certain Commissioners on the dais prepare to cross- examine this year’s Chair, VM Dodd ala McIntee style (Comm. Clottey did just that at the 5/24/11 mtg.) … They may want to take a look at the addition to the backup online today on the Town’s website!..

Below is a jpg of the request to close down the parking and the road in front of the Pier parking lot…which the agenda states will be closed for the day…Why?… A cable film crew wants to film for a show!… Yep, that’s right …The Marchelos can survive and close their Pier lot and the Pier on Monday June 13th …but cried wolf and talked of the impact it would have on them when they were told the Town would do the same Monday July 4th!… Talk about crying wolves… sounds more like $elective huffing  and puffing …The type of house the Town of LBTS is ….will be seen in the Commission vote tomorrow night at 7 pm in Jarvis Hall …This writer wants the Town’s “house” to built of brick …resistant to wolves  huffs…puffs…and cries …

Link to Town website…

more to come….

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