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Here’s The Scoop … Chief Scott Gooding Has A New Position…


(Chief Scott Gooding and Commission Scot SasserĀ  March 15,2010)

Dear Readers… It’s official …former LBTS-BSO Chief Scott Gooding will start on Monday as the new Chief of the Broward County Courthouse and Services!….He is taking over for LBTS Sgt. Palmer’s father….I am sure we all extend our warmest congratulations to Chief Gooding as he moves into his new post!….

A description from the BSO website…

“Broward County Courthouse and Court Services
Court Services serves Broward County’s main courthouse, as well as the west, north, and south satellite courthouses, the 540 Building (State & County Probation, Information Systems and Support Enforcement Division) and the State Attorney’s annex.
The district is responsible for the day-to-day security and operations of all circuit and county courts in Broward. Currently, this includes 84 judges, 11 magistrates, general masters and other court officials, as well as 1,500 criminal justice employees working in the main courthouse.
The 17th Judicial Circuit (Broward County) is among the busiest circuits in the state of Florida. An estimated three million people access the court facilities yearly. This circuit also files more criminal cases than any other state circuit. More than 63,000 defendants were processed through the Broward court system in 2005.
The district has an annual budget of $13.5 million that provides for 202 budgeted positions that encompasses Court Security, Court Deputy and the Court Liaison and Mass Transit Units. The district contracts with Wackenhut Security Services to provide security screening at the entrances to the main judicial complex as well as the satellite courthouses.”

more to come…..

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