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Here’s The Scoop … Can “Knuckleheads” Really Be Considered A PAC? ….


The CIC “KNUCKLEHEAD” HEADQUARTERS …(aka Surf & Yacht Club …a private club on Palm Ave. in LBTS)..

Dear Readers …hot off the letter sent from CIC-Chair Liliana Pomareda after the Halloween event last Sunday come a second “salvo” from this disintegrating political action committee…It is another example of why this organization should change their name to “Knuckleheads”… You all know the knuckleheads…The 3 Stooges who knocked their heads together …and never did anything but cause trouble and mayhem…getting nowhere as a result!…It fits…This is the same organization who lost big time last March due to a dirty campaign full of false claims and fear-mongering …(prev. posts)… They have not learned a thing…They are trying push the very same failed  tactics that threw them out of office..the administration and made them the laughingstock of the Town as an organization… They were not at the parking permit meetings although those meetings were open to the public and open for input…yet they wrote a letter to the Town Manager and the Commission to complain about the residential rate increase for an annual permit… They are playing a replay of the inexcusable changes made in 2009 by their losing pals on the dais to roll back the costs after a unanimous vote to increase the rate under their beloved former administration and throw in preferential unlimited beach parking for a few of their CIC members who live only a few blocks from the beach..(prev. posts) … The rates were increased $30 from $20 annually to $50 plus tax  for a cost of $53 annually …They take issue that it $53 “penalty” for the residents..How so?… It is not required for residents to get a permit as it is in countless municipalities throughout the country…for a much higher cost without any parking time offered at all…It is a choice to residents if they want to partake in a program that offers them the opportunity if it makes sense for them to have one. If not …the cost is too much or the cost is not in line with their parking in-town usage…like anything else in life…they can choose to opt out…The number who use this program which was included in the backup when the rates were discussed were paltry at best…less than the inflated number of families the CIC claims they still have as members in the letter below… They use a familiar tactic of using the percentage of the increase 250% …that catches the eye of those they want to get riled up…They do not put the cost $30 which is less than many spend to go to town to eat at Aruba Beach Cafe or any other restaurant /bar in the downtown area regularly…They also knowingly(?) leave of the senior citizen rate of $40 available as well…OOPS!… The present Administration/Commission made a point of incrementally raising the hardship permits instead of shooting them back up to $200 as they were originally in the last go-round under the last Comm./Admin.which was also cut down for political reasons…and as for comparing the costs…asking for the data/analysis as they do in the letter before…that was included in the backup..the last time as well as this time…all of it was and is still on the Town’s website … Hmmm… The same losing cry is still being used to stick it to the businesses downtown to pay for the use of the public streets instead of a $50 annual parking permit fee…That one fell flat on the campaign trail for their candidates …and those losing candidates had to backtrack on it…(prev. posts)…

Now lets talk about those who might be impacted that are CIC members…They are all for the most part LBTS homeowners… and we all know the prices of homes in- town do not exactly fit the criteria low-income housing ….On the CIC board itself ….among the members listed at the bottom of the letter below…one has a million dollar+ motel  on El Mar Drive …..One board member runs a non-for-profit and receives a high-six figure income from it which was discovered and posted when she ran for the LBTS Commission as a CIC-candidate….One board member lives in SRClub as this writer does (different building) and the quarterly fees this year went up at least 15%…I bet she and her husband a former beer distributor sent no letter to SRClub’s board on the increase… One board member spent some $$$ on some personal “re-freshening” we are told…hardly something done by someone who is in dire straits and unable to afford a $30 residential parking permit increase …One lives here seasonally in a condo near the CIC clubhouse …..Two other board members live nearby the CIC “clubhouse” in single family homes and are members of the Surf and Yacht Club itself a private club as well as being more than comfortably retired from lucrative years of earning a living according to past conversations with this writer…Furthermore …speaking of data/analysis…how many members of the CIC bought the permits last year? ….

Some CIC members are part of the Town’s Parking Dept…as the head of the department and a parking enforcement employee and mother of that employee who also receives annual hardship permits……(Were they asked about the facts before this letter was sent…or informed it would be sent…OUCH!)…

One final blow to the groups second lame attempt to kick-start their campaign to get back into the game…their gal…their CIC member…Comm. Clottey voted for the increases!…HA!…

Perhaps many of those “members” who feel an impact…might just consider forgoing the annual membership to the CIC of $20 for 2011 ( an increase from the prior fees of $10!)… … as requested by the organization last month….(Also, there is a Charter member annual fee of $50) …The CIC website offers their members the opportunity of donating up to $500 annually…Hmmm…..

Note to the Town Manager…This last edition of Town Topics was the first non-political issue we have seen in quite a long time after 2 years of not being able to tell the difference between the TT and the now defunct BTSTimes!… Do not answer back to this group in the TT as they request below…Let them put this back on the agenda through Comm. Clottey to see if there is support to reconsider lowering the fees once again …Let the CIC board/members come to the meetings and be on the record as those quoted in the TT were…. and please realize …this group wanted the status quo of your predecessor to be sitting in the office you now occupy…enough said…


THE LETTER …(a public record) …

LBTS Citizens Initiative Committee, Inc.
(A Political Committee registered with the Town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida)
Working for Progress while Respecting Tradition
Chair – Liliana Pomareda, 250 N Tradewinds Ave, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308
Vice Chair – Joe Couriel, 222 N Tradewinds Ave, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308
Secretary – Gail Albohn, 4540 Ocean Dr Apt 402, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308
Treasurer – Carol Dickman, 4900 N Ocean Blvd Apt 1607, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308
November 3, 2010
Re: Parking Permit Fees
Dear Commissioners and Town Manager Hoffman:
Regarding parking permit fees, The Town Topics, our official Town Newsletter, recently noted that “a number of residents told Commissioners they thought the old rate was far too low for the value.”
Many members of the Citizens Initiative Committee, which represents approximately 180 LBTS families, fought diligently to prevent extreme increases in resident parking fees such as the one recently instituted. In fact, our members have expressed their concern to the Town Commission in the past about NOT raising the rates which was not mentioned in the Town Topics. While trying to renew a permit one CIC member actually witnessed two other people walk out of Town Hall when they found out about the rate increase. Our CIC member declined to pay the increased fee as well on that day.
We would like you to know that the new parking permit increases go against the well-being of our residents. The beach parking/resident parking permits were initiated as a convenience for residents, not a money-making opportunity. For the Town Topics to say the rates were raised because the town parking system was losing about $70,000 in parking per year is an embarrassment for the Town. That figure is certainly questionable and the Town should not be looking to the residents to pay for lost parking revenue. Town Topics goes on to say “the need to charge fees to residents who use a particular service instead of covering the entire cost in the Town’s budget is not even a logical explanation. What data/analysis is being used?
The Town needs to analyze how to come up with lost revenues in a logical way. Perhaps charging a fair fee to local restaurants that receive free use of prime parking spaces as well as free use the public streets to expand their business throughout the year?
The CIC would like to challenge this rate increase and see it go back to the reasonable rate that LBTS Citizens had fought for during the past two years – or, at the very least, attempt a fair convenience for residents to park rather than a $53 penalty to residents in these hard economic times.
Finally, we hope that our Town Topics remains a-political and does not take sides to unfairly try to sway LBTS residents. The CIC feels it was inappropriate for our Town newsletter to claim support from residents for raising the parking permit fees. The CIC would like you to mention in the next edition that residents have also noted they are not in agreement with the rate increase.
LBTS Citizens Initiative Committee
Liliana Pomareda, Chairperson
Joe Couriel, Vice Chair
Carol Dickman, Treasurer
Gail Albohn, Secretary
Marjorie Evans
Cristie Furth
Bob Roberts
Joan Rysavy
Helen Swinghammer





BC-Take notice of what the parking permit form states… “I understand that I must be a resident of the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida,
to be entitled to resident parking privileges”… again folks …. “entitled to resident parking privileges”…not forced…not required.. “entitled to resident parking privileges” …enough said on this as well! …

This writer is actively looking  forward to what comes next from the “Knuckleheads”… By the way this writer cannot take credit for the “Knuckleheads” reference…it came from a friend …and I could not think of anything else more fitting to describe this group as a whole!…

Town Topics and the permit applications are on the Town’s website…

more to come…

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