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Here’s The Scoop …. Campaign Ploys OR Voter Lobotomies …


Dear Readers…Tomorrow starts the month in which those ready to take on the “2-Hats/Broom Boys” need to make their decision known to those who will be backing them….Strategies will need to be made with an eye on March 2010 and the expectations of an election just like those we experienced  in the March 2006 and January 2008  Commission outcome …The majority changes yet again due to voters unhappy with the status quo majority in charge on the dais and the Town Administration….

What will be seen from the “Mc-Furth Campaign Committee Gang” and their campaign themed BTSTimes will be an attempt to lobotomize the voters to the past bad acts  from the “Broom Boys”…and the Town Manager…They tried this before ….attempting to quiet “Jerry” down”on the dais ……to stop “Jimmy” from putting forth ideas that hit  the voters in their pocketbooks (until the election is past…ie the Public Safety Complex 2008)…. all met with little success and plenty of chest thumping from McIntee exploding and letting it be known  nobody was gonna be telling  him what to do….But that was when other candidates were running…not the “Broom Boys part 2″…. If it starts to look like McIntee is on meds, perhaps it might be that Mr and Mrs “event coordinator” after putting their fingers in the air to see which way the wind is blowing, and not liking direction found, demanded a “promise” to strictly adhere to the 7 month “spiritual”campaign path to provide them any hope of retaining their seats….. thus allowing “Town Hall East” to stand again like “Tara”!…..

The BTSTimes will surely be filled with more psychedelic feel- good pablum to lull those unsuspecting few into believing the “2-Hats” are wearing “white hats” and are the “good guys”…still!….Epiphanies at sunrise cannot suffice this go- round though…Nope, because this time there’s a record attached to their brooms …They have a 4 year record to contend with… and a competitive fact-filled local newspaper, a neighboring community newspaper, community reporters from the daily newspapers….and this site…With each and every act that has their names connected to it I see lots and lots of headlines!….There is now an opposing organization, Unite Our Town that has mobilized faster in numbers than the CIC did in its heyday… (and those days are long gone now)….chomping at the bit….ready to beat the drum … and hit the streets running  to deliver the message of bad deeds done by McIntee/Silverstone /Colon on every front doorstep in town!… Past “Broom Boys” supporters are in concert in saying no 2nd term for these guys…Many we hear voted for “Jerry” because they knew and liked “Jimmy”…”No more”…they say…”Jimmy” let them down…and they have no desire of 4 more years of McIntee!… Those who came forward for the VFD know it’s a non-issue for this election……The VFD is here to stay…that’s a given…Eyes will glaze over if the VFD is front and center…There is a buzz around town on if the VFD members can provide the first blow to the Vice Mayor/ Deputy Chief in October that if they follow through on demoting him to VFD member only, will redeem for many residents where exactly the department’s loyalty lies… Will the Mc-Furth’s campaign be running on the referendums?…Are they still going to pursue the 33 feet?… If so, when? …Will there be a backlash? …Will there be petitions to see if the voters really want 33 feet or 44 feet south/15 stories north?…How about more “2-Hats” in the future?…. This writer thinks a “laundry list” of items should be included if we are still going this route… After all we heard from the “Broom Boys” in the past March elections needed to stay in LBTS due to LBTS March municipal voters…discerning, astute voters who will be fully prepared to tackle referendum items…like lifeguards, bonds etc….So why not throw it all on there and let these diligent voters decide on it all in the voting booth?…

The lazy days of August gone, we prepare now for a busy, busy fall….A few days after Labor Day…it’s time to take your seats at Town Commission meetings…Commission Round Table meetings…Town Budget Hearing meetings …and a Town Manager Performance Review?…

We will watch in anticipation for campaign hats being thrown in the ring…one hat at a time, new hats, clean hats, hats that bring with them new ideas to be heard, offering new direction for the Town and for new exemplary records to be made on the dais that may finally, finally give us the future we so richly deserve. And to think when that  happens, it was done with our brains still intact knowing it was our fully informed votes made it possible!

more to come…..

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