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From the left: Col. Bill Johansen (COP program),Maj. Louis Barbara (COP program),Chief Oscar Llerena, Lt. Angelo Cedeno, Sgt. Doug Brown

Dear Readers…The scoop was “reported” by many of those who participated in the BSO Police Town Hall Forum Thursday evening…It was not a very big crowd, 20 +….most likely due to 3 days of events…back to back and a political event in Fort Lauderdale taking place at the same time … The Dept. put on a very informative presentation, covering I.D. theft, Cybervision, lock security tips, bicycle safety, “slam the door on scams” for those strangers that appear at your front door, personal property safety tips…don’t leave anything in the car, and gentle reminders for always being aware of your surroundings…It is most unfortunate it was not being televised for those who were unable to attend  and to re-broadcast for a larger audience to see and hear their local public safety provider…Those who did attend were  comprised of Town Manager Colon, ( Did she stay at an unknown local motel, paying out of her own pocket?)…4 out of 5 LBTS elected officials …Mayor Minnet, Comm. Silverstone, Comm. Dodd, and  Comm. Clottey …(yep, Clottey came)……We heard she tried to find something nice to say about the police after her less than stellar accusations of fear  residents have in calling the police and “those people”…the homeless …( she tripped over one of “those”)… who she says are sleeping in our parks on the benches and sleeping on our beaches…..She needed to go back 12 years to recount “a snake in her kitchen” with BSO coming to save the day!…Vice Mayor McIntee made his whereabouts apparent with the lights shining toward Jarvis Hall from the VFD Thursday night drill across  A1A…..Candidates for Commission Chris Vincent, Scot Sasser, and Edmund Malkoon, came to support their support for the  BSO ……..The local newspaper Editors from both LBTS papers were there, to write, take photos and we hear participate in the Q & A… BTSTimes Editor Marc Furth was said to have talked more than anyone recalls in quite a some time …(prev. post from a past MPSC meeting may have been the last such occurrence)…What was he up to?…Consensus was…perhaps he bending over backward to show support for the BSO?…Uber political posturing…Don’t believe it!…This is the same Marc Furth who told a resident the BSO would be out and was said to be “enlisting” several BSO officers to go private in the near future!…We hear BTSFuture Editor Mark Brown asked about the panhandling he sees at the intersections throughout Broward County and was interested in why we have none here in town…Apparently to counter him, his local news advisory, Marc Furth said something to the effect that he makes a point to give money to the homeless at the intersections…believing it keeps them stealing!…(Well, it’s not quite an Arsenio Hall comment!)…We also heard that BTSTimes Editor Cristie Furth asked a Clottey type question about the motel behind Town Hall East (where do you all think Clottey comes up with her “material”?)….. Someone from the Mc-Furth contingency …”gang”…or “patronage army” buddies took it upon themselves (we hear)  to remove the Mayor’s nameplate from sight on the dais…showing more of what we witnessed from the public comments lineup last Tuesday night…poor form and the start of political mischief after the Mayor declared she’s going for 2 more years!..Also in the hall were some residents… and local business owners…

In spite of some apparent  pre-election posturing and the overbooked week of nightly events definitely cutting down on the expected attendance for this evening…one thing all who reported back to this writer agreed upon, our LBTS BSO Police Dept. certainly does serve this town with “pride in service with integrity”!

more to come….

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