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Here’s The Scoop … Batten Down The Hatches ….


Dear Readers…..Looks like a “Tropical Disturbance” is coming our way…and I’m not talking about “Ana” set to arrive on Thursday….


We hear the return of our very own “disturbance” AKA Vice Mayor/VFD Deputy Chief McIntee is coming back our way late tonight or tomorrow after the FLOC Convention in Orlando …(see ) after 2 weeks away…

We hear the Town has been running quite well without him……a precursor for life within these town limits for after March 2010!

We hear the VFD members are reinforced in their new found independence especially after finding  out that the Townspeople will support them even more WITHOUT McIntee and they owe him nothing more than to be a member at large….if he behaves himself!..

We hear the Deputy Chief”s days are numbered as Deputy Chief….and even more so as insubordinate bully!….

Looks like the Chief is relishing his rise in popularity and will not back down this time in the head to head encounter expected when the big wind blows in to take over!

If all goes according to the word around town…it will be like watching a game of dominoes… closing down a Mc-era that went on far too long!…

In the meantime  have your supplies ready…for this “disturbance” won’t go quietly into that night…as long as his “Mc-Furth Gang” is still around him…

So have plenty of  Easter dye remover… Check those tires before you drive…and get those hidden cameras ready for the “bumps in the night-  nightly tour ” in their last ditch effort of intimidating desperation!….

Batten Down The Hatches!…

more to come….

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