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Dear Readers…This writer hear the some rumbling last week about an RFP going out for the Senior Center to change from the longtime current provider…The Director, Armilio Bien-Aime who built this program up to be the success it is today for the last 9 years was caught off guard!…

At the 9/28/09 Budget Meeting the Mayor asked about the Senior Center, already in budget and awaiting final adoption… (which occurred right afterward) Town Manager Colon after confirming it was, and the amount $57,750 said “And that as you know, I believe Commissioner Clottey has requested that, to go out to RFP. That will be going out to RFP. But our current Provider, as out current Beach Raker did honor not to increase prices. That number is the same”…

WHOAAAAA….Hold on…I know at least two Commissioners did not know…and what gives!….

Commissioner Dodd had to put all his requests to go out for RFPs on the agenda for discussion…(the last one was the $200,000 non-Commission approved 3 yr. audit…..that would have been grounds to fire this Town Manager in any other Town.)

The RFP list provided to to Commission did not include the Senior Center….

We hear theDirector was given no notice … just that he could compete….and now the position could possibly include taking over the Town’s Recreation duties as well…The failed Public Safety Complex swimming program¬† that was supposed to be a part of the VFD as well as Tennis and Karate!…

Commissioner Clottey has become this Town’s own “wrecking ball!”…

First she was instrumental in the the termination of Chief Gooding…( this writer knows first hand her problem with Gooding long before she made her many incoherent comments from the dais)….Then it was she, that was pushing for a change to the Chamber in budgeted funds and an RFP for the Welcome Center…and Now it is she who is going after the Senior Center!…

Commissioner Clottey has NEVER participated in the Senior Center !….

Residents/Seniors who value the center and its longtime Director need to call and send e-mails to the Commission…(Vice Mayor McIntee is a call only… he has no e-mail)….

Residents/Seniors can get a copy of the Citizen Contact Form and let it be known this action needs to stop ASAP!!!!!

Also, we have learned that Armilio has been paying the Town to put the Senior Center calendar on the back on Town Topics at $400 each time!…The Town needs to pay him back!…Does the Town make the VFD or the Furths pay for their inclusions to this taxpayer paid for publication…YIKES!…

Residents/ Seniors-Voters….need to add this to the long list of reasons why this Town Manager …and Commissioner Clottey¬† ( step down mid-term) and her Mc-Furth Gang need to be sent packing!…

CITIZEN CONTACT FORM …(link to Town website below)…

Mayor Roseann Minnet
Tel: 954-326-0594
[email protected]

Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee
Tel: 954-943-8539
No e-mail is available.

Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey
Tel: 954-895-6595
[email protected]

Commissioner Stuard Dodd
Tel: 954-772-4121
[email protected]

Commissioner Jim Silvertone
Tel: 954-771-0355
[email protected]


[email protected]

more to come….

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