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Here’s The Scoop … April 27, 2010 LBTS Commission Meeting ..#2 … Round Up!..


Dear Readers… Tuesday night’s Commission meeting while still long at certain …it was quite productive…and informative and the first insight to the changes coming from this new Manager as previously posted… Below is a “Round Up” of the rest of the meeting …

The invocation was made by Rev. Hunsaker and he again spoke of the coming together in light of the major changes seen in the week leading up the the meeting and having a sense of gratitude for where we live and work…

The Mayor did a little “housecleaning” with items on the agenda moving items to the Round Table …which are now to take place the evening after each Commission meeting until the Commission is all caught up… The Capital Improvement Workshop that was canceled on Mon. was set up for Mon. May 10th at 7 pm and the Stormwater Workshop will be addressed as well…The Mayor announced the presentation by the BSO would be re-scheduled to May11th…and she added one more item after all the Comms. received a letter concerning a change in code that was holding up a building project…

A Proclamation for AMR was read by the Mayor … and then it was time for Public Comments …16 were made 2 were CIC members clearly unhappy with the termination of Colon/Olinzock…and the other 14 clearly took an opposite view of the changes …welcoming the new Town Manager …some still voicing concerns over what the former TM and Asst. TM might have left that called for an investigation…

Reports from Dept. Heads and Public Safety followed as they always do the 2nd meeting of the month…but these are to be the last such Dept. Reports after discussion and agreement at the Round Table the following night…Finance was previously covered in the 1st Comm. meeting post…Development had one question from VM Dodd to Director Bowman whose response showed why he too needs to be replaced as Director…Municipal Director Don Prince looked like a man who just took a load off…somehow with the termination of the top 2 Administrators…Hmmm…. He also answered a few questions on the bus shelters and maintaining them with Comm. Sasser asking the questions after receiving some concerns from SRLakes…Prince said all would be handled…The Mayor asked Prince what exactly was stored at the “off site” warehouse…He responded poles, signs, special event items and other needed items… (Comm. Vincent went with Don Prince to see the warehouse the next day and gave some input to what he saw)… Prince was also asked about the antiquated phone system and Prince responded by this week that would change…Prince also discussed the move from the trailer that should be done this week by Development office and the trailer ready for the Coast Guard to remove… (No one asked about the excessive hours the Municipal workers put into the former BSO office in March)… BSO was up next and VM Dodd asked BSO Chief Llerena to come and speak about the increase in drug busts etc…Llerena explained the “selective enforcement” being used and the 30% decrease in crime here to date…Comm. Sasser asked about A1A being closed with no notice to BSO or resident s and asked that the Town update the website and channel 78 with specific dates.. The VFD was on the hotseat with the VFD boat that sunk (prev. post)…It was quite a shocker when Chief Perkins let the dais and the taxpayers know the boat had previously been turned back over to the Town…but the VFD had not moved it from the dock due to trailer problems and the boat…We hear the Town may have owned the boat the whole time leasing it to the VFD as they do with other apparatus…In any event it was not being taken care of and it sunk …(at least the back end)…motors ruined …It was taken back to the VFD Firehouse and a claim was being made ..We hear ..Good luck with that since the batteries were dead etc… How much money did the VFD under McIntee put into the sunken boat?…Why didn’t the former TM send a memo to the Comms. of the boat’s return?…Hmmm….Comm. Vincent also asked about a fire alarm incident at a motel on El Mar Drive…The Chief explained the motel was turning off the alarm…and doing work without VFD input and the VFD is looking into any action to take due to the situation that was improper… The Mayor asked Perkins how often he updated the VFD Roster …due to Jerry McIntee still being listed as an active member in March…The Chief responded the members are active for 45 days after no shows..then it is considered “abandonment”..Jerry McIntee according to Chief Bob Perkins “abandoned the VFD”…He (Jerry) never contacted the VFD  …just left!…He’s now off the roster…. WOW!….AMR was given a congrats from the VM for 100% response time under 6 minutes….All reports were passed 5-0

The Stormwater Master Plan was shown as a powerpoint presentation with Town Engineer James Barton (on call-hourly rate) with Mr. Chen himself of Chen and Assoc. and Barton’s boss… Barton said the specifics were given this evening to all on the dais in CD form but a paper copy was available if need be… The project was shown with the project limits-land use soils- drainage- existing system- visiting the floods- and they looked at the grades- elevations-swales-Barton spoke of the rains and what is attainable to allow it to go away as quickly as possible…The cost estimates were from $300,000-$4 million… in general…for the 13 projects deemed to be the worst …cost $12,500.00 !… The usual ways of getting the funding were mentioned…Stormwater Utility fees… (get ready for a rumble) … grants (shovel ready projects were pushed – Barton’s ears were open with the El Mar Project -another Chen & Assoc. deal w/ the Town -prev. posts)…and loans..Hmmm…like the loans we pre-paid w/ a penalty?…OUCH!… Also when asked about BelAir and Terra mar Barton said he had not looked at Terra Mar…. As prev. posted … swales were addressed quite often in the past…as a major cause…Wkshop on May 10th..7 pm….

The TM Report was previously posted…and will no longer be at the top of the agenda as discussed the following evening…The Town Atty. Report was moved up for a try at it being early…per the mayor..It will not be again as discussed the next night with reports being done at the end of the meeting…The TAtty. spoke of the BJHarris decision going to court..and said she will schedule a shade session for the Comms. when a decision comes from the judge who requested a transcript…(at the Town’s expense/ we hear the Atty. for the owners said they would split the cost…see Mark Brown story BTSFuture … Comm. Sasser asked the Town Atty. about the districts and clarified they are not gone in 2010 as some candidates said while running…But the Charter does call for a renewed study before the deadline to balance out the boundaries…The consensus while running for office was keep the districts and the setup of 2 Comm. from each end of Town and an At-large Mayor in 2012…

More discussion under Old Business Ord. 2010-01 had no public comment for 24 hr businesses which grew out of the desire for Walgreens to remain open in season for the pharmacy was sent to the P & Z and believe it or not the new TM offered to provide P & Z with research to assist them …(New P&Z members will be appointed at the next Comm. meeting)…passes 5-0 …The Special meetings Ord 2010-02 had no public comment and was changed to allow for 1 Comm./ Mayor/ TM to be able to call for it…passes 5-0…

Commissioner Comments which will remain between Old Bus. & New Bus. on future agendas …was again chosen from a “hat”…Comm. Sasser welcomed again the new TM  and Asst. TM as well as the MPSC members and spoke highly of the MPSC meeting he attended the previous week with the outside contractors who provided info and input to the committee / Comm. Clottey gave her “nails on a chalk board” or “Carrie” commentary …prev. posted on those “looking for blood” with the firing of Colon/ Olinzock (whom she dissed by stating his appt. to Int. TM was the “Peter Principal”… Clottey again insinuated the BSO was stalling in response to the budget…This writer was informed today was the day for the Sheriff to respond to the County and Municipalities!…OOPS!… The Mayor did not call out Clottey and went on with the agreed upon use of Comm. Comments by thanking staff for what they went through with the upheaval in Town Hall and spoke of never participating in a contract for a manager that would hold a future Commission hostage in its payout… She spoke of the new direction and the excitement of it…Mayor Minnet talked of the Census and warned once more that LBTS was below the national average and the need to raise it for the $ to come back to the Town…She spoke briefly about July 4th which she is chairing to say we will have fireworks!..We will have the parade and the VFD will provide the food and participate in an event after the parade…the Chamber is involved and so are the businesses in a 3 day downtown event…update to come next meeting..(Earlier Ron Piersante asked for all who want to volunteer to contact him at the Chamber …LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA Chamber of Commerce 4201 Ocean Drive Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida 33308 /tel: (954) 776-1000 /fax: (954) 776-6203/ [email protected])….The Vice Mayor said he was welcomed back to the Hillsboro Inlet by the members (prev. post Clueless Clotty and her “gang” tried to oust him)… He spoke of a new boat being purchased ..He spoke of the new TM and fresh ideas …that her new perspective will be a “breath of fresh air”…with “no hidden agendas”… Comm. Vincent spoke also of the TM and countered Clottey’s lame claims alluding to the former TM being asked to resign without severance …Vincent pointed ou the terms of Colon’s contract to counter the notion… He spoke of attending Waste Management’s facility and observing the “single stream recycling” process…He said it coincided with his daughter’s own look into recycling…He also spoke of helping out a tourist who was concerned about parking changes made in front of the tennis courts…and the signage…When he finished the Mayor said she had a few ideas on that for the next meeting…

The Consent Agenda was quick …permits for Caribe’ parking for Jarvis Hall …at no cost to discussion …passes 5-0The Mayor pulled the Special Events for Athena  who was asking for 12 months…after discussion …and a few off-handed statements that BSO “Detail Officers” were oblivious  to bad acts being done right in front of them by “Clueless” and answered by Chief Llerena and some talk of the traffic calming needing to be addressed by the Mayor… along with Director Bowman again not in the right position…with answering the costs covered or not by the fees annual or quarterly…the Comm. decided $200 annually for a 12 month special permit!…Town Manager Hoffman stated the next evening after hearing Bowman about Code going every week with permits…that she was looking into it (it was payback pure and simple)…passes 5-0

The Resolution for Interim Town Manager (prev. post) was read and passed 5-0

The ILA was again on the agenda and despite attempts from Clottey/mayor Minnet and the school rep…Vincent /Sasser and Dodd voted no…failed 3-2… VM Dodd wanted a letter sent to other communities stating why LBTS was not for it…It received no traction…and according to the rep. 16 have voted for it…Oakland Park also voted no…They need 21 communities to pass it…

The BOA being moved to night put on by Comm. Sasser was passed 5-0 …The next night it was set for the 1st Wed. of the month at 6:30 pm…

The warehouse was on the agenda by Comm. Vincnet and previously posted …The TM is looking into it…the Realtor and getting more information which was not forthcoming in the “scant file”…

Ord. 2010-03 on Officers and Employees was on being on of those the TAtyy. put forth for its being out of date…it was deferred to June 22nd passes 5-0

Ord. 2010-04 Administrative Elections …was also deferred to June 22nd…

Ord. 2010-05 was the P &Z/ BOA appointments…and some changes were made for appointments to terminate with new election and to start at the 2nd full Comm. meeting…passes 4-1/ also for the boards to choose their own Chair passes 5-0

Audit Services RFP.. It was briefly discussed and the TM stated it was not required to be in place until the 1st meeting in Sept… Hmmm… The TM will look into the RFP and present it (prev. post- TM stated Auditors report to the Comm. not staff0…

BC- A PRR was received today from Town on the Auditing Committee and Chris Wallace the Finance Dir. from West Park (prev. post)…The PRR included 2 sheets of paper (45 cents)..

Page 1.

“January 22, 2010

Dear Chris ,

Thank you for participating in the audit review committee. The audit committee shall rank and recommend in order of preference no fewer than three firms to be most qualified to perform the required services. I am requesting you provide your recommendation to me no later than 02/04/10 by 4 pm.

Sincerely, Esther”

BC…At one of her last meetings as TM Colon could not name the auditing consultant!…

Page 2… E-mail transmittals between TClerk White and Mr Wallace..

The Top of the page from Wallace to white Mon. Feb 1, 2010 12:11 pm

“Subject: RFQ 09-12-02 Auditing Service

June, my ranking for the auditor selection is as follows (there was no ranking sheet, so I’ve ranked them based on Technical Qualification listed in the RFP:

1. Marcum, Rachlin

2. Keefe, McCullough and Co. LLP.

3. Moore Stevens Lovelace. P.A.

4. GLSC and Company, PLLC.

5. Harvey, Covington & Thomas, LLC.

If you need this in a differnt format, please let me know

Christopher Wallace

Finance Director

Village of Bal harbor

City of West Park”


“Feb 1, 2010 10:42 June White wrote

This is a follow-up to my previous e-mail below

I have received the recommendation of the Town Manager and the Finance Director. I have not received your response.”


“From: June White

Sent: Monday January 25, 2010 3:23pm


I am in receipt of the recommendation for auditing Services (RFQ 09-12-02) from the Town Manager.

Please forward your recommendation to me at [email protected]

Thank you, June”


BC- a $200,000+ 3 year contract and this was the only backup? … Also, VM Dodd should have a field day with the no ranking sheet included!… YIKES!….

The Mayor was returned to be the rep. from LBTS with the Broward League…even Clottey motioned for her appointment and VM Dodd 2nd … passes 5-0/ alternates…Vincent- Sasser…passes 5-0

Martial Arts was extended 180 days …motion made by VM Dodd  & 2nd by Comm. Sasser …passes 5-0

The contracts for electrical and streetlights were previously posted..inferior RFPs and no look into recommendations…Asst. TM and TM will look into it and it was deferred to May 11th…

The last item was confusing and the Mayor recused herself as a gentleman presented his project for El Mar Drive and a change in staff and code that impedes going ahead…After much discussion the TM and TAtty. with staff will look into what took place and how they could assist him…Boy is he lucky he came when he did with a whole new Administration!…

With the other new business items already moved to the Round Table…the meeting was adjourned…

more to come….

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