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Here’s The Scoop … April 16, 2010 LBTS Round Table Agenda … Change Is Good …


Dear Readers …. below is the agenda for today’s Round Table… a little late..but it was late getting on the Town website  (after 5 pm well as late to the commissioners) … In the interest of time…and being on “baby watch” here in Chicago just a fast overview of comments below..some backup was supplied on the website for the meeting …(link below) … and some of that  backup has been on from prior meetings…

Now for the item that is going to be the main attraction…

2c. Discussion and or action regarding an RFP for a new Town Manager (Vice

Mayor Stuart Dodd)

This was put on we hear, 2 weeks ago and the Town Manager /Staff/Town Attorneys have been fully aware of this fact…It was a major factor in the landslide win for this new majority on March 9, 2010!…

Vice Mayor Dodd has put it on the Round Table agenda for discussion which is the proper forum in accordance with the route this new commission is going as we see if the successful Adventura model of one Round Table/one Commission meeting a month is what might be the future successful model for our town as well…. This will be a time to learn from the Town Attorney what options are available in looking for a new manager…after all Weiss, Serota was the firm chosen 2 years ago mainly because of the this Town Manager’s strong recommendation…This firm said at that time and many times since that they are one of a handful of firms that who work primarily in municipal government representation…Thus this process should be familiar and in fact “old hat” for them … One thing is for sure no one is irreplaceable …the search for a new Town Manager is going on in many towns right now such as Deerfield, Davie and Fort Lauderdale… We have nothing to worry about in the day to day operations of the town as this moves forward…If this Town Manager has indeed done her hiring well as she has stated she has…This includes the budget process….We will see if this Town Manager wants to apply for the job again herself…it’s an option open to her and one she did not go through in 2007…..She has a contract (prev. posts)…and it is her decision with help of whomever her chosen counsel is if she will stay throughout the process…or not….

For those who did not vote for this new commission…I will reiterate…what I have posted before…in 2007 the CIC and their two sitting Comms. McIntee/ Silverstone and their endorsed candidates campaigned and had the resolve to enact once elected to replace Town Clerk Medina ….but she resigned first……replace Town Manager Baldwin…. but he resigned first ……and replace Town Attorney Cherof but he resigned first … …So any sudden up-rise of this being a unique action taken by a new majority will be laughable at best!…

I will also remind you all that this Town Manager has herself replaced those who did not meet her expectations or vision…She found Chief Scot Gooding “fiscally irresponsible”…(he was not) ..She could not “justify” the $100,000 salary of Fire Chief Stevenson…She terminated the former Development Director and other staff members…and it was business not personal…so she said…This action is the no different…..

The door on Town Administrations is always a revolving one …they know that going in…and it is understood with the customary inclusion in all such contract “serves at the pleasure of the commission”… I would also remind those that come today or watch from home…this Town Manager is the only one employed in Town who does not have a term in her contract … a contract that caused much furor over its lack of transparency …Her contract essentially offers a lifetime employment agreement to her until she is terminated by the commission…(receiving a one years severance … 2 pensions and unused sick/ vacation leave from her time as Finance Director/Town Manager)…..or she resigns…(no severance)….It’s a one- sided option that still leaves many questions about who saw it in 2007 and who read it in 2007 before it was voted on 5-0 almost 3 years later….With no option to review her contract on a date certain ….this route taken today is the only avenue open to the commission to move forward…as they must…

From what we heard on the campaign trail..from the taxpayers and the candidates…it’s time…to get on with it….



a. Discussion

1. Discussion or action on RFP process -Change to Purchasing Manual

(Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd)

BC- This is to return Invitation To Bid and Requests For Proposal to be returned to being publicly read aloud as they were up until July 2009…(prev. posts)

2. Change to the purchasing manual and letter of apology to all contractors

who have bid on any Town RFP since July last year when staff stopped

reading RFP’s and bids will be read aloud to the best ability of the Clerk

present. Copies of the results will be available after the opening (Vice

Mayor Stuart Dodd)

BC- A promise VM Dodd made to all those who were angered by that change and may have taken a pass on bidding due to the action taken by the TM

b. Discussion and or action to move forward on Code of Ethics Ordinance (Vice

Mayor Stuart Dodd)

BC- VM Dodd was the first one who championed the Ethics Ord. in his first 2 years …and it is only right for him to get it on in the  2nd half of it……

c. Discussion and or action regarding an RFP for a new Town Manager (Vice

Mayor Stuart Dodd)

BC- see above…

d. (Mayor Roseann Minnet)

1. Discussion on Mayor-Commissioners having an office and setting up

times for meetings with residents.

BC- They used to have an office and a file cabinet drawer …who stopped it?…

2. Discussion on having a budget sheet for every item on the agenda, if it

has a cost allocation. i.e.: Where is the money coming from?

BC- Absolutely…

3. Discussion on Town calendar, making sure all Town events are set up

two (2) years in advance so conflicts do not occur.

BC- Jewish Holidays might be observed as well ahead of time…

4. Discussion on mitigating liens on foreclosed property.

BC- VM Dodd was on this as well…good idea…

5. Street lighting Town wide.

BC- In the budget…and where/when  do we start?….

6. Memos e-mailed instead of printed.

BC- update from Windows 2000/New Town Manager who is tech savvy…

7. Review agenda item request form for Roundtable and Commission


* Revised Sample Roundtable Item Request Form attached

Town Commission Roundtable Meeting Agenda

April 16, 2010

BC- Actions wanted as Comm. Sasser asked for need to be done as well…

e. Grant event permits for Jazz and Elvis nights for 12 months with the

Commission’s right to cancel at the next meeting in the event of complaints

(Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd)

BC- High five!….

f. Discussion to approve the Second ILA (Interlocal Agreement) for the Public

School Facility Planning of Broward County -Back up attached (assistant

Town Manager John Olinzock) -Deferred at the February 23, 2010

Commission meeting by Vice mayor Stuart Dodd) -Deferred at the April 13,

2010 Commission meeting -Commissioner Scot Sasser

BC- Still a no from this taxpayer…VOUCHERS!…

g. Discussion regarding notification procedures for serious situations –

Requested at the April 13, 2010 Commission meeting -Vice Mayor Stuart


BC- All big happenings…notify..with Alert text to commissioners …easy to do!…





EFFECTIVE DATE -Changes and/or additions to be applied at meeting per

Town Attorney -Deferred at the April 13, 2010 Commission meeting –

Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd

BC- Defer ….

i. Discussion and/or action for the Commission to give its final approval to the

final construction drawings for the EI Mar Drive beautification before

construction begins (Commissioner Stuart Dodd) Direction given at the

January 26, 2010 meeting to go before the Master Plan Steering

Committee -Deferred at the March 23, 2010 Commission meeting Vice

Mayor Stuart Dodd -Deferred at the April 13, 2010 Commission meeting

– Commissioner Scot Sasser

BC- Backup…backup…backup…as Comm. Sasser asked for from Town Grant/and Atty. look at all contracts and grant…Defer…

j. Jarvis Hall Interior Lighting Replacement (Assistant Town Manager John

Olinzock) Deferred at the March 23, 2010 Commission meeting -Mayor

Roseann Minnet -Deferred at the April 13, 2010 Commission meeting –

Mayor Roseann Minnet

BC- Defer….

k. Mitigation of liens -Final decision and authority to rest with the Commission

(Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd) * Not enough time to research and attach prior

Commission meeting minutes, Town Attorney’s response or opinion,

nor staff input

BC- On the same page as the Mayor…get backup info from Pompano…

Refund Chamber of Commerce $500.00 from the Commission approved

expenditure for Christmas by the Sea -Commission approved $5,000.00 and

the Town has so far paid $4,500.00. Also refund the $8,900 or thereabouts

for the money the Town retained following the submission of the profit an loss

year end account. The Commission approved $28,000 and the Chamber has

not received the full amount. It is this Commissioner’s contention it is up to

the Commission if necessary to adjust the amount in the budget and not the

Town Manager (Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd)

BC- High Five!….

m. Discussion on Town Manager Status Report. This needs to an exclusive list

and we each need to assist the Town Manager in the creation and validation

of the report for a go forward basis (Commission Scot Sasser)

BC- Believe Com. Sasser stated EXHAUSTIVE list…not exclusive..Town Clerk!…

n. Discussion on getting mail, correspondence answers and updates via email

rather than paper (Commissioner Scot Sasser)

BC- Same page as the Mayor… Let all the info flow wirelessly!…

o. Discussion regarding trial valet for downtown businesses. Proposal submitted

via letter to all Commissioners from Joseph Brennen, Secretary/Treasurer,

Beach Restaurant, Inc. DBA 101 Ocean. Letter attached to this item request

form (Commissioner Scot Sasser) * Not enough time to research and

attach prior Commission meeting minutes, Town Attorney’s response or

opinion, nor staff input

BC- Nice that Comm. Sasser has stepped forward on this this time around…the Town business owners must be pleased!….

p. Discussion: concern has been expressed about speeding cars on Seagrape

south of Commercial. Some drivers are using this street to bypass the

Commercial and A1A intersection. A resident has requested the installation of

speed bumps on this stretch of Seagrape in order to slow down traffic

(Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey) * Not enough time to research and

attach prior Commission meeting minutes, Town Attorney’s response or

opinion, nor staff input

BC- not addressed at Comm.meeting on the 13th…temporary  speedbumps if at all …

q. Discussion: Since the Chamber receives substantial support from the Town

and the Chamber’s activities are very important to the Town and the business

community, I believe that it would be beneficial to all to have the Executive

Director of the chamber make a monthly report during Town Commission

meetings concerning the Chambers activities and planned events

(Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey)

BC- Blunder…from “clueless” Clottey just days after many thought she might have seen the light and returned to her early months after election when she thought and spoke coherently …Note to Clottey…just read the Chamber site…it’s all there… or call em’…


Backup link…

more to come…

Meeting at 4 pm…Jarvis Hall …public welcome…no public comment…no need for it……There is plenty of time for concerned public to ask for item to be addressed at regular meetings…with a call/e-mail  to the commission/ public comments..or on the item…The items will be back on old business section (Round Table) and can be pulled for further discussion …as was done on the 13th…

televised Comcast ch. 78/ Town website…

link to video…

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