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Here’s The Scoop … An E-Mail Response From Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Resident Arthur Franczak … He Will Not Be A Candidate For The Commission In 2012 ….


Dear Readers …today I received an e-mail from another named possible candidate in the LBTS 2012 municipal election for a seat on the commission which takes place on January 31st which I posted about yesterday …. Mr. Franczak was kind enough to let me post his response to that rumor …included in his e-mail was his take on the local PACs as well as the present commission and the state of town as he sees it… So much of what he states this writer is in full agreement on and I am pleased that he states at the end that he will come to the podium to “continue to speak at town meetings regularly in defense of taxpayers of LBTS.”…..

‘Arthur Franczak-Shore Haven Resort Inn


[email protected]

Friday, November 18, 2011 12:20 PM
Dear Ms. Cole,
I noticed that you wrote on your blog that I was once a member of the CIC.

Just FYI, I do not have a problem with being associated with CIC as
there are some fine people in that organization, regardless of their
political views that do not always agree with mine. However, I am not
a member of the CIC, never was one, and never will be one.

I specifically remember being invited on many occasions to become a
member of CIC by John Thompson, a fine former founding member of the
CIC, but I always declined. I know that he is your friend, and so you
may ask him what he thinks of me and the quality of my ideas.

Lately I have also been approached numerous times by a leading member
of UOT who wanted me to join UOT, and, likewise, I always declined.

The reason why I declined to join either PAC is that, even though
there are fine people in both of these organizations, I believe that
no PAC is needed in the town of Lauderdale by the Sea at this time.
In fact I think that PACs do a disservice to our town because their
members have to hold a party line instead of thinking freely. I am a
free and critical thinker and thus neither town PAC can claim me to be
a member.

And to put another rumor to rest, I am also not running in this
election. I do believe that the current Commission members are
politically vulnerable because the current Commission and
Administration can best be described as “tax and spend,” and are thus
grossly fiscally irresponsible both by collecting too much from
taxpayers, and by spending too much on projects of dubious financial
merit. I am, however, not running this time for personal reasons that
trump the obvious political opportunity presented by the incumbents.
I will, however, continue to speak at town meetings regularly in
defense of taxpayers of LBTS.

Warm regards,

Arthur Franczak’

more to come….

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