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Here’s The Scoop … A1A Pine To Terra Mar Drive .. A Drive Down Memory Lane …


Dear Readers… as the Commission awaits the consensus from the MPSC on the current FDOT A1A project at their second meeting in June…(Comm. meets June 8/MPSC meets June 15)… a Google produced the following historical FDOT article from 1989… on another FDOT project in the same area plus…. as well as the Greenway Project for bike lanes …and there is Chen from way back when…to the present and the latest memo from the new Int. Asst. Town Manager on the current A1A project….


“First The Dust, Then A Wider Road
August 02, 1989|By TERRY NEAL, Staff Writer
road widening project on State Road A1A may be dirty, dusty and slightly inconvenient, but business operators and residents said that`s the price of progress.
The $4.9 million Broward County project will widen the road from two to three lanes between Pine Avenue in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea and Northeast Second Street, just north of Atlantic Boulevard, in Pompano Beach.
Drainage, sidewalks and lighting will also be added as part of the project.
“It`s going to be a beautiful thing when it`s finished,“ said Gene Hudak, a resident manager at Sea Ranch Club condominiums at 4900 N. Ocean Blvd.
State Road A1A is also called Ocean Boulevard and Ocean Drive.

Knowing that the quality of the road will vastly improve is helping drivers and business owners deal with the inconveniences, they said.
People who regularly drive the road, and who own or manage businesses complain mostly of the dirt and rocks the project has produced.
The ground along the purchased right of way is being leveled in preparation for paving.
Drivers turning off A1A sometimes have to cross about 50 feet of dirt and gravel, where the road is being widened.
Many business managers agree that business has been hurt, but not severely.
“A lot of people just don`t want to drive in that mess,“ said Pam Wunderlich, who manages The Tree House, A Children`s Boutique at 4721 N. Ocean Drive. “I`ve only been here since November, but I think business is down a little bit.“
Wunderlich said she did not think the construction on the road had significantly slowed traffic.
When the approximately 2.2-mile project is done, there will be one lane in each direction with a turn lane in the middle.
Many also agreed that the sidewalks and drainage systems will improve the quality of the road.
Hudak said after heavy rains, “water would just build up and sit for hours,“ on the east side of the road, across from the condominium.
He said the condominium is being sued by a man who crashed his motorcycle into one of the buildings after he drove through a large puddle of water and lost control.
Peter Cowick, a Broward County transportation project manager, said the project is one of the last from a bond issue approved by voters in 1978.
The original project plans would have widened the road to five lanes, but Cowick said the county was having too much trouble purchasing the right of way.
County officials expect the project, which started in January, to be completed by August 1990.”

Barrier Islands Greenway

7/31/03 – Public outreach meetings were conducted during the weeks of June 2 and June 9, 2003, with five separate meetings held over that time to solicit public input for the A1A Greenway Master Plan. The program for each of the public workshops involved discussion of the observations included in the Opportunity and Constraints memorandum as delivered by the design team as well as interim recommendations for the development of the corridor.

The meetings were held during the first two weeks in June 2003, in Pompano Beach, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood. Approximately 50 people attended the workshops and provided good feedback to the draft recommendations.

Other issues raised by the public were incorporated into the draft master plan. Next steps in the process included final compilation of the public comments, refinement of the draft master plan and finalization of the recommendations. Delivery of the final draft of the master plan and recommendations was accomplished in November 2003.

2/04 – Several public workshops were held soliciting input from the communities being affected by the proposed Greenway design and construction.


Bicycle Greenway There has been changes in the project staffing. There are a series of A1A meetings presented in Pompano Beach and Hollywood. They will be looking to add two more lanes to the A1A Green way to phase 1 of the study.


LBTS Town Engineer

Project Description

Chen and Associates is the Town Engineer for the Town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, providing technical support to all engineering related matters. One of the main priorities is reviewing and approving engineering plan submittals for site plan review and engineering permits. This requires ensuring all submittals comply with Town ordinances and all County, State and Federal regulations regarding site development.

Reviews include general site conditions, water, sewer, paving, drainage, appropriate permit calculations, NPDES compliance, traffic analysis and proper coordination with surrounding municipalities.

Several studies have been made and recommendations have been given to the town on a variety of topics including:

• Stormwater study for flooding prevention

• NPDES compliancy study and report

• MS4 annual report

• Parallel, angled and valet parking specifications

• Drive-through restaurant requirements

• Structural beautification features

• Streetscape improvements for El Mar Drive

• General engineering details and specifications

• Turtle compliant street lights

• GIS map production

• Archiving digital record drawings

• Sewer design for Palm Club

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea has two major FDOT roads passing through it requiring coordination with FDOT for many of the projects. Coordination is also required with the City of Fort Lauderdale to provide water and sewer utilities, the City of Pompano Beach who provide sewer utilities, and Florida Power and Light for power supply. Chen and Associates also coordinated traffic studies and structural analysis on existing facilities.


BC- The Commission/Administration need to have a look at some of the prior work done by Chen …as listed above traffic studies and FDOT studies……as well as turtle lights…and valet/angle/parallel parking … as they are back in the forefront with this Commission…Who knew Chen was involved with the Palm Club sewers?….WOW!…


AIA LANDSCAPING PROJECT … “Pine north to Terra Mar Drive “…produced at May 25, 2010 Commission meeting by Int. Asst. TM Bentley..

“1. The project files include minutes from Commission meetings in 2002 related to the Intracoastal/Beach Area Capital Improvement and Infrastructure Study. The A1A streetscape and beautification project, which had an estimated cost of $2,625,000 in 2002, was the first project listed in the report.

2. The $705,374 grant application was filed with the County in 2004.

3. The current  $58,300 LAP agreement is for design (all FDOT money, no Town match)

4. Construction is budgeted at $647,100 of which approximately $200,000 is the Town’s match.

5. The $647,100 construction cost is shown in the Capital Improvement Plan in FY 2011 ($367,000) and FY 2012 ($280,100). We budget and pay the full cost of construction and then receive reimbursement from FDOT. The Town would have to commit to paying $200,000 in the next year’s CIP.

6. LAP Agreement ($58,300 for design)

The LAP Agreement provides in Section * Termination or Suspension of Project, that only FDOT can cancel or suspend the project.

FDOT is reviewing what they would do if the Town withdraws at this point in time…

7. PBS&J design agreement ($58,300)

This agreement can be cancelled on 7 days written notice and PBS&J gets paid for work to date of cancellation.

PBS&J advises they are about 60% ($35,000) completed on their deliverables.”


BC- the minutes online on the Town’s website only go back to 2004 so the 2002 minutes would be obtained by PRR only unless they are included in the upcoming backup for the first meeting in June ……. PBS&J say they are 60% done? …They came to the MPSC only because newly elected  Commissioner Sasser insisted and former Asst. TM Olinzock gave in…They asked for input from the committee not realizing the committee was kept in the dark…PBS&J never came back to the MPSC and would not answer questions without going through the TM …leaving the committee at a disadvantage and unable to contribute much at all …. This writer  believes this was the intent of previous Asst. TM Olinzock  and former TM Colon ala the Pavilion … According to Asst. TM Bentley we pay the big bucks and then we wait to be reimbursed for the construction from FDOT.. What’s the FDOT’s track record in timely reimbursements?……PBS&J have the above cancellation requirements in the agreement thanks to the concerns brought to the  podium by then-resident/candidate for Commission Scot Sasser’s inquiry last Feb./March…

In conclusion….the question still is…what are we really getting for all the money we put in… landscaping?…We have it on the east with a few spots in need of code involvement on the west….Sidewalks?…the sidewalks in the north on A1A, despite some claims match the sidewalks in the south on A1A…with the exception of in those in front of Minto and Wings put in by them … Lights?…..there are lights. and they are above the standard according to PBS&J (prev. post)….. Paved crosswalks to “portals” in the north?…most are private and prior to this many residents in that area wanted nothing that would offer people insight to them ….to park illegally  and to enter the beach in that area…Portal areas themselves?…again most are private and other 2 were recently repaved…Pine Ave.A1A to El Mar Drive portal?…Sea Ranch Club is on north side landscaped and a hotel on west.. A median grassy area right there on A1A?…for what?…Unless the MPSC has more information …and a sudden change in the consensus of their members from their May 5, 2010 meeting (prev. post)… the committee and the Commission should take a pass… and put all monies into drainage… the Pavilion and El Mar Drive…

more to come….

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