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Here’s The Scoop … “A THREE HOUR TOUR”…….




Dear Readers….We all heard about “need” for the return of the BSO  “Fire Boat” and it was returned some months ago from the BSO for the VFD …YEAH BABY!…

It is now ready for “prime time” after being all lettered up and detailed to the tune of $9,548.48 (according to the 3rd VFD income/expense report)… Sitting pretty in the newly extended dock and pilings  (no details on this expense in the report) ..the boat left at around  10:30 am… with  Vice Mayor /Dep. Chief McIntee, his pal Marc Furth (AKA John Doe who lives on El Mar Drive in Town Hall East) and a 3rd “wheel”…

An observant and curious taxpayer was taken aback by what could only have been a joyride on the taxpayer’s dime(s) ….which prompted the eyewitness to give the heads up to those that cover what happens in this town……This observation was just the first of many as the day went on…There were plenty more questions coming from those who watched the trio out and about having some fun…There were calls and sightings as the boat sped from the Intracoastal out into the ocean…heading north at quite a clip ….while wearing no life jackets…(although the Chief said it was required)……

In this edition of the BTSFuture paper (page 5)….. the 2nd picture) shows the boat docked after returning from the 3 1/2 hour excursion…again clearly showing a piece of VFD equipment was used for personal use….Editor Mark Brown made an inquiry to the VFD concerning the use of the boat this day…he received back the response it was a “training exercise”from the VFD secretary…and later a backup response asserting it was “performing training evolutions” from the Chief.. REALLY?…Training for what kind of “evolutions” with the Town/VFD photographer who is not a FF according to the Roster…(although he has a VFD pager which may violate Hipaa)….

A member of a professional public safety department told this writer immediately upon hearing of this Mc-Furth escapade …that no one in their organization would ever be allowed to use a piece of equipment in such a manner…No way!…No how!

To add to the skepticism of calling it “a training exercise ” was the sightings last weekend of the fire boat out again going up and down the Intracoastal with the Dep. Chief’s fill-in while he’s away…Captain McGirr on board along with other VFD …..out and about and to all who watched definitely not training….The emperor wore no life jacket!

In 2007…if BSO was caught doing this kind of stuff ….there would be 3 pages of minutes containing  a barrage of questions from the investigating Commissioner McIntee…But in 2009….it’s anchors aweigh!….THE MILLIONAIRE….AND HIS WIFE…THE MOVIE STAR…THE PROFESSOR AND MARYANNE …..

more to come …..

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