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Here’s The Scoop…..” A MUSICAL INTERLUDE”

LBTS….A Living History…Martha E. Munzer (1989)

“Lauderdale -By-The-Sea…..By Joe E. Howard”

Joe E. Howard wrote …”I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now?”…

He lived on Bougainvilla in 1956 and wrote this song…

(written as shown on the sheet music)….


“I know a place where lov-ers can spoon De-cem-ber, May or June——The

hea-vens are bright, it’s a lov-ers de-light—-So lis-ten to¬† me Mis-ter Moon—–

Trou-bles and cares mean noth-ing down there as we dance —-the hours a—way The

fish-ing is fine You can swim an-y time—–Un-der a tro-pi-cal moon——


LAU-DER-DALE DOWN BY——THAT SEA——That’s the place for me—–Where the

sun—–shines ev-ry day —and there I long to be——It’s there you’ll

meet your sweet—–heart aand friends of long a-go——There’s plen-ty of

fun for old and the young—–at LAU-DER-DALE BY THE SEA——”

Who knew….

more to come….


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