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Here’s The Scoop … 9/22/09 LBTS Commission Meeting #2 … BAIT & SWITCH ….


Dear Readers…At the Sept. 22, 2009 Regular Commission meeting Commissioner Dodd asked that the agenda be amended to include discussion and/or action concerning the Town Manager’s Annual Performance Review which was to have taken place at a workshop prior to this evening’s meeting…(prev. post)…Commissioner Clottey said in what would be the first of many disturbing comments and actions made on the dais that she was going to address this topic at her Commissioner comments…This writer thought for a moment she was trying to stop the process again because it made no sense to say she was going to discuss it in her comments…nothing could be acted on at that time and we would again leave a  Commission meeting with no time and date for the evaluation….Luckily the Mayor and Commissioner Dodd paid no heed and proceeded to put it on as New Business item 16 g……

In her Commissioner comments, Commissioner Clottey appeared to be in cahoots with the “2-Hats” and perhaps the administration… she totally changed the rules agreed upon for Town Manager’s review!… And this change stinks to high heaven!….

At the Round Table meeting on Sept. 10th…the Commission decided that the FLOC  would be contacted to send someone to out Town ….BUT, that was separate from the Manager’s evaluation…

The Commission agreed to  the following at the Round Table……

1. For each Commissioner to fill out the Lauderhill evaluation ( with comments and all contracted vendors) and turn it into the Town for the Town to distribute copies to the Commissioners before the Sept,. 22, 2009 5:30 pm workshop….

2. To allow an hour and a half for the public to comment on the Town Manager….

3. To tally the evaluations and any results that averaged a 3 (meets expectations) or below …(does not meet expectations) were to be addressed in order to find solutions to improve the situation ….(Vice Mayor McIntee’s suggestion)….

But maybe this writer was correct when I wrote that the  “2-Hats” did not realize what they agreed to when they went along with Comm. Clottey’s Lauderhill evaluation and perhaps Commissioner Clottey herself saw just how hard it might be to evaluate honestly with her choice of material?…..

Now  the Commissioner and her pals want to bring in a FLOC “retired” Town Manager to do the evaluation!….  Commissioner Clottey, Commissioner Silverstone and Vice Mayor McIntee says it will not be biased… In fact the Vice Mayor said the Town Manager is doing a great job and “he’ll prove it”…Hmmm….

A Google of the THE FLOC RANGE RIDERS….produced the following….(2008-2009)

“Local Government Management
The Range Rider Program, a joint project of the Florida City and County Management Association
(FCCMA) and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), is designed to make
retired members of the city and county management profession available to local government
managers and administrators to help solve their business-related problems. Range Riders, who are
selected by the FCCMA Board of Directors, are made available at no charge to local government
managers and non-manager cities and counties for private counseling. Range Riders are envisioned
as friends, colleagues and counselors to the government and individual managers and should not
be considered as “consultants” to the local governments.
Range Riders will meet periodically with managers, on request, to discuss developments in the
management field and professional concerns of the managers. Range Riders also are available to
discuss the form of government with elected officials. Discussions may include such topics as relations
with council, career changes, selection of managers, professional management techniques, financial
and general budgetary problems, staff reorganization and training, and questions of professional
The Range Riders also have easy access to FCCMA and ICMA programs and resources. These
advantages make this program an attractive source of outside counsel for the management

You cannot tell me that a former Town Manager will not be biased…How could they not be?….They held the position themselves…..The evaluation of a fellow Town Manager does not fit the description supplied above… in fact it states …”Range Riders are envisioned as friends, colleagues and counselors to the government and individual managers and should not be considered as “consultants” to the local governments.”…OOPS!…

This is a total cop-out ….. The Commissioners are not abiding by the Town Manager’s agreement with the Town to have an annual performance review BEFORE the annual Town budget is approved (Monday Sept. 28, 2009)….after dealing with this issue since last February!…

If the majority on the Commission go this route they will be letting down their constituents and not be fulfilling their duties ….

Let them bring the Range Riders in after the review…for dealing with their own problems concerning meetings…organization and communication…and their interaction with the Town Administration…but not for a “hand-off” having  the FLOC do the Town Manger’s Performance Review…that is unacceptable…

At the meeting Resident Christopher Vincent gave his public comments before the Commission discussed the item….

Christopher Vincent…..

“At the round table discussion two weeks ago, there was some confusion on how to review the town manager’s performance. So I would like to share some ideas and practices of other towns.

I am suggesting to the dais and the people of our town, that we need to take a responsible approach to the performance review of the Town Manager, which still has not been done.

We keep hearing that we haven’t reviewed town managers of the past, so why bother now. Well maybe it’s time to do what the contract reads. This is just another example of the commissions ineptness to perform and delay its duties and responsibilities.

I would like to bring to the attention of the Dais, information regarding the position for Town Manager in Pompano Beach.

According to the consultants search description, commissioners are seeking someone with experience, managing city duties during a shrinking economy; with a willingness to upgrade job performance, responsiveness and customer service of city staff. Someone who has 10 years of proven good Judgment and good communication with elected officials and residents as a town manager.

The Pompano Beach Town Manager’s salary will be between $175,000 and $195,000.

Pompano Beach’s Town Manager will oversee 716 employees and a $204 million dollar budget.

Also another point of reference is the Town Manager of Davie.
He Earns $171,000 a year with an annual car allowance of $6,600.

Oversees 610 city workers and a $91 Million dollar budget.

A few areas that need to be considered when evaluating a Town Manager are:

Salaries- Does our Town Manager’s salary and benefits match that of cities of similar size? Our Town Manager is earning in the area of $155,000 including benefits. She oversees approximately 25 employees and a budget of approximately $20 million dollars. The budget of Pompano Beach is 10 times the size of LBTS and Davie’s is 5 times the size of LBTS. Their town manager receive an additional $15,000 to $20,000 more in salary then our Town Manager

Does our town manager have the experience to manage a city during a shrinking economy with the willingness to step up job performance.

Has she Proven good judgment? I’m sure we can debate this one on many issues. This is just other towns criteria of evaluating a performance review.”

This writer has another “evaluation” for the Town Manager and that “evaluation”has been right in front of the Town Manager, the Town Commissioners and the Town residents the whole time…(prev. posted)…


Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

Mission Statement: The Commission is committed, under complete transparency, to pursue the will of the people, and acknowledge that any decisions shall maintain and enhance the charm and pattern of a people friendly sea-side village.

To focus on and achieve the Town’s vision and mission statements, we will uphold the following values:

1. Town Administration exists to serve our community. We will provide open access, encourage involvement, and ensure accountability.

2. Town employees are invaluable. We will attract the best recruits, retain the top employees, and invest in personal and professional growth.

3. Under honest, ethical, and diligent values, we will provide outstanding customer service that is polite, friendly, and responsive.

4. Neighborhood involvement is crucial. We will preserve continued encouragement in our tradition of community participation for all Town activities and functions.

5. Economic viability is essential to our Town’s success. We will assure fairness in the collection and spending of all public funds while effectively ensuring the Town’s short and long term financial strength.

6. To assure a safe and protective environment, we will comply with the Town Charter, as well as local, state, and federal laws.

7. Maintaining the natural environment of the Town is essential. We will strive to preserve and protect the Town’s charm, beaches, and finite natural resources.

Answer the LBTS Town Mission Statement honestly and it is this writer’s opinion…this Town Manager receives a 1….” DOES NOT MEET EXPECTATIONS!”…

more to come…

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