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A neighbor has reported that Oriana has poured its curbs for the front of their development on El Mar Drive….

He reports it is a one lane road!

How unfortunate that they were not stopped before this as to maintain the 2 lanes voted on.

Was there no way to impede this?

What’s the deal with the Bel Air mailboxes?

While the Futures reports with a letter from a resident that the Asst. to the Town Manager says it will indeed be paid for by the town…the Town Manager says this is not so!

We need an accounting of the contracts/expenditures/overcharges/change orders for all of the sewer projects…and the same for Seagrape Drive/Washingtonia Ave…including all Walter Keller project billings for this project and previous over the last 4 years!

(Then someone please ask Chen and Chen if they are out of line. )


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