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Here’s The Scoop …. 7/28-29 /09 LBTS Commission Meeting ….#4 …”Heel” Protection …….


Dear Readers….Commissioner Silverstone placed on the July 28,2009  Commission meeting New Business item J. “Discussion and/or action for a proclamation for Marc Furth”…At the start of the meeting Comm. Silverstone withdrew his item explaining that he put the item on without Marc Furth’s knowledge …Mr Furth did not want anything …and he [Silverstone] reasoned Marc’s actions were “because of the political environment”…At public comments the Furth proposed proclamation was addressed by speaker and LBTS business owner Louis Marchelos ….his comments are below….In the aftermath on day 2 of the 11 hour Commission meeting when discussing New Business item D. “Discussion and/or action to have public speakers state their full address…the Vice Mayor went after the speaker., Mr Marchelos…but his accusations of what Mr. Marchelos said were as usual “bending the truth” in his attempts to protect his #1 BFF Marc Furth…..(as the Mayor told him was his tendency during one heated exchange when the VM asked the Mayor if she was calling him a liar)…….This writer can tell you with 100% certainty, the most important person in McIntee’s life…is Marc Furth…During the days of being left out in the cold a few years back when the Furths found out that McIntee divulged something they told him in confidence…… he [McIntee] was banned from the Furth motel…and any communications with Marc Furth…It was the only time I have ever seen McIntee as a diminished figure…He was barely treading water…He would have done ANYTHING to get back into Marc Furth’s motel and Marc Furth’s good graces…ANYTHING!….Marc Furth is the one in charge… Marc Furth  IS Jerry McIntee’s Achilles heel…OUCH!….

Public Comments…Louis Marchelos…7/28/09…

“Tonight I was gonna speak in support of the agenda item that Commissioner Silverstone put on in referencing Marc Furth. I am disappointed that Mr. Furth would not wish to receive this proclamation.While I have found his political support of the Bully Bunch abhorrent, I can not deny that he has devoted many hours to the community. I support the proposed recognition but not his political activities which have split this town into factions and have destroyed what the true pioneers of this town had for a future vision.

While we are giving recognition to individuals I think we have an opportunity to partially right a wrong. I propose that at the same time we recognize Furth we issue a proclamation recognizing Scott Gooding for his excellent service to our community, acknowledging his professional competency and his contribution to all our lives.

This man has been wronged and this is an opportunity for those on the dais who said they let the firing take place only because of the separation of powers in Ms. Colon’s contract, put their money where their mouth is. This is a perfect opportunity for the Town to erase this black mark from Scott Gooding’s record. Show some conviction. Show that the dais has a soul.”

Vice Mayor McIntee’s comments on the above …7/29/09…

“And to have another person, another town member, owner of a business come up and attack a town resident by name. We all said specifically no town, nobody speaking can attack anybody by name. I’m not talking about Commissioners, I’m talking citizens. We all agreed to that, nobody could come up and go to that podium and say I don’t like John Doe. He’s a bad guy. He lives over on El Mar Drive and you [Mayor Minnet] let it happen multiple times and it’s wrong. That’s why citizens are at each others throats. This is not a, a position to, to throw your hate against somebody else in town. You can’t use the name of citizens. We have to put up with it, I accept that but no citizen should have to listen to another citizen talking throughout this town about them and making accusations. That’s wrong Mayor and you should have stopped it and you didn’t and I resent it, I yield.”

BC- Looks like the Vice Mayor was veering away from his take on the public comments made by Mr. Marchelos to perhaps include previous posts written on this site…concerning “leader” Furth….

Let’s get one thing straight …. Marc Furth  is not just “a resident”…he is not “John Doe” who “lives over on El Mar Drive”….Marc Furth is also “a business owner”…(like Mr. Marchelos)…Marc Furth is the Town & VFD photographer/ Town event coordinator/Reef project coordinator/MPSC board member/local newspaper owner & Editor/ CIC member /CIC Citizen of the Year/(it is said) #1 advisor to the “Gang of 3″/ (most likely ) the 2010 re-election campaign co-chair  as well as a former Commissioner…Marc Furth has recently written letters with ultimatums to the Town concerning  Commissioner Dodd and the Mayor and is said to have instigated numerous acts upon Mr. Marchelos during the past year concerning the pier and other Marchelos businesses…for July 4th/the pier parking lot/ the Pier lease etc/ special events….Marc Furth is front and center with his #1 BFF McIntee which leaves him in the position of being “fair game” for comment and commentary from the podium…local newspapers …or online posts….DOUBLE OUCH!…

And that’s a wrap… Ya big “HEEL”….

more to come……..

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