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Freedom of Speech?

For a chosen few….or for all?

Heard that a certain publisher has informed the newly appointed Town Chaplain he will no longer be welcomed to write in his paper….the alleged reason for such a incomprehensible act …the Town Chaplain supplied a separate article for the opposing paper in town!

Time has come for the publishers of both papers to allow the town to see that they will publish any reasonable article and save their objections for their editorials.

Unfortunately, this fine member of our community is not the first to receive such persona non gratis treatment for either talking to any other paper, writing for any other paper or starting a website.

Further incomprehension came from attending the workshop on Tuesday and having the 2 incumbent commissioners I voted for start out the workshop with the intention of not using their discretion as allowed …which they were well aware of….to let the public speak at the meeting.

If it were not for Commissioner Dodd insisting on it and Mayor Minnet citing her request and her answer from the Town Attorney stating the Commission did have the discretion…the residents would not have the opportunity to be heard.

This along with the first Commission meeting decision that names could not be used when addressing the dais…has given me great cause for concern about what exactly I have been doing and for what over the last few years….sorry to say.

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