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Here’s The Scoop …4/28/09 LBTS Agenda …#2…New Business 16 B./”As of 4/17/09 the Town does not have any RFP’s” For 4th Of July ….Oh Really?…


Recently this writer wrote about the suspicious actions taken by the 4th of July Co-Chairs, the Administration  and Event Coordinator Marc Furth…concerning the 2009 Fireworks  and how the Requests For Proposals were handled after discovering an RFP put up in Town Hall on April 9,2009 and it not being advertised in the Sentinel. It did appear on the Town website and outside Jarvis Hall on  April 14, 2009 …2 days before it was closed to bid responses…as stated on the RFP  April 16,2009 …

I attended an opening of the bids meeting for Contracted Landscaping on the 16th  and asked Assist. Town Manager Olinzock about the Fireworks RFPs (previously posted). He said there had been none…I also sent in an e-mail Public Records request…and received the same response from the Town…no RFPs received…

So imagine my surprise when I looked at the backup materials in Town Hall and online yesterday April 24th,2009…to find multiple responses had been received by the Town!..(link below…if old backup shows refresh button )…

New Business item 16 B.

The E-Mails…

Thursday, April 16, 2009 12:06 PM
“Barbara Cole”
[email protected]
Dear Town Clerk White,
I am requesting a copy of all RFPs received for the 4th of July fireworks received after  the deadline of close of business today as stated on the RFP online.
I would also like any RFP or contract for the 7/4/09 fireworks bids made prior to the 4/9/09 RFP.
Please let me know when they are ready,
Thank you, Barbara Cole

Friday, April 17, 2009 12:03 PM
“Nekisha Smith” <[email protected]>
[email protected]
“June White” <[email protected]>

Ms. Cole,

I am receipt of your request for information regarding fireworks.

1. The Town has not received any RFP’s for the 4th of July fireworks.

2. As of 4/17/09 the Town does not have any RFP’s and has not entered into any contracts for the 4th of July fireworks.

Nikki Smith
Senior Office Specialist
Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

According to the backup material …Assistant Town Manager Olinzck sent out eight e-mail Requests for Proposals (RFP) on April 9,2009 between 4:42 pm and 5:08 pm…To the following companies….Fire Power Displays/Zambelli/Pyro Engineering/Garden States Fireworks/Carabean (as spelled on RFP) Supply/Bio Ocean/Sky Candy Fireworks LLC/Pyrotechnico …(Company just hired by Ft. Lauderdale for their 4th event/previous post)

According to the backup material….. Assistant Town Manager Olinzock received responses from 4 companies…

# 1… was from Jeff Matthews of Melrose South Pyrotechnics Inc. …The company that Marc Furth chose and he, Vice Mayor McIntee,the Town Fire Marshall and John Olinzock met with on March 24,2009…( also there is an e-mail from John Olinzock to Melrose Inc. to reconfirm the length of time for the show…20 minutes, with a Cc to Marc Furth)…Enclosed in the program were the specifics…such as their liability ins., $5 million and their qualifications….the of the size of the shells..2” to 4′ shells and a proposed program with the “Type of Pyrotehcnic Effect:low level through 4” aerial shells” …It includes the Opening Barage/Main Program/Grand Finale/ 2 special segments-effects adding up to 20 minutes for $15,000…No length of time between shot intervals were included but the RFP from the town stated every 10 seconds…No date was shown in receipt of the proposal, but Marc Furth confirmed from the podium on 4/20/09 that it was before the RFP went out on the board and to other companies…which was April 9th…

#2….Dated 4/16/09 received by Assist. Manager Olinzock at 4:17 pm from Zambelli, the fireworks company used last year from the pier…They also offer a program for $15,000 called  “High Impact” (vs Melrose low-impact )…they have liability insurance for $10 million….$5 million in transportation liability…along with their qualifications including safety procedures NFPA  1123 &1126 codes enforced (no mention in the Melrose RFP)…Their 20-25 minute program will be a maximum of 3.5 minute shot intervals…using 3” to 4″ shells….with an Opening Program/Body of Program/Mid- Finale/Grand Finale/ Low level special & various effects…they included a map on pg. 56…(no map in Melrose RFP/hand drawn map in Town RFP) of the beach area with barricades (if no wind= 280 feet circumference uninhabitable)…

#3….Dated 4/9/09 received by Assistant Town Manager Olinzock at 4:53 pm from Beth Sims at Fire Power said no bid…they are completely booked and “unable to accommodate”…

#4…Dated 4/17/09 received by Assistant Town Manager Olinzock at 2:16 pm from Steve Tracyzk at Sky Candy Fireworks…said “unavailable to bid”…Town was way too late in proposal…

BC- So the above information does seem to verify those suspicions that “the fix was in” for the choice of vendor made by Marc Furth…with a big assist from the Town and most likely both Co-Chairs of the event….and they pulled it off with no Sunshine violation …Now that really is “pulling the rabbit out of the hat”!

As for Assistant Manager Olinzock not being honest with this writer in his declaration of no RFPs on 4/16/09, knowing full well he had sent eight out on the April 9th and had indeed received responses at the time he made these claims…including the one from Melrose South Pyrotechnics…is this anyway to conduct business in the town? As resident Happy Vassil said “What a man!”…

I do not know if the Senior Office Specialist was unaware, uninformed or instructed to respond as she did, but in any event this sort of conduct does not bode well for the administration and the open and honest government we deserve in LBTS…no matter who is making the requests…

more to come….

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