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Here’s The Scoop

A resident of LBTS had her wallet stolen right out of her purse at the Dollar Store in Fort Lauderdale Monday afternoon.

The perpetrator came up alongside her as she was busy at a store shelf…the purse was zipped and right under her arm close to her armpit…

she never felt a thing!

When she came to the front of the store she realized what had taken place.

The management was very helpful…informing her that they had a problem with some people earlier coming into the store in overcoats!

She waited more than an hour for The Fort Lauderdale Police to arrive.

Within an hour…. the thieves had rung up over a thousand dollars on her charge cards…at Target and online.

Of course she feels violated….and must now replace everything…causing further stress.

Beware ..ladies and gentlemen… make sure you are guarding your wallets…do not leave your purse unattended and pull your bag to your front when reaching for something…especially if someone sidles up next to you or bumps into you….they are out there!

Thanks for the heads up…and hope all is soon back to normal.


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