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Open Letter To Members of the CIC:

Dear Fellow Members:

I do not have the ability to send out a mass e-mail to express the following…as has been the case with 3 e-mails you as members have been in receipt of over the past days….

I am however able to use my site to accomplish the same result.

I want you all to know that there is a crossroads in the organization….as was posted previously in general terms….

At the last Board Meeting of the CIC, it was decided that “campaigning” would be allowed.

Of course that was before I announced I would not be seeking a position on the board again….

Therefor…the e-mail the membership received by board member John Thompson, an original founder of both the CIC and its predecessor the CAC… was well within his right to do.

The e- mail sent out today on behalf of the board was lacking in some important points….

I was against it..due to the facts stated above…. the inaccurate suggestion that it was not allowable…and the fact that it appears the whole board signed on to it.

In fact …I requested that if this e-mail was sent to the membership…an inclusion be made stating that I was not in agreement that there was anything wrong with John sending out his e-mail.

I am sure most of you have already voted for the new board, but hope that you will consider it an important vote for the future of the CIC to retain the original purpose of the organization being an independent “watchdog group” by re-electing John Thompson.

It is unfortunate to even have to ask for such votes, but due to the lack of sensibility by the board that approved this e-mail sent today, I feel it is unfortunately necessary.

I will not be at the Sunday night meeting, preferring to be a non- participating member until …as stated previously….I see what direction the new board takes the organization in going forth.

I want to thank you all for a wonderful year as Vice Chair, and Co- Campaign Manager for our two new Commissioners.

I value your friendship and your participation in all that was achieved.

I wish you all well, and hope you will keep in touch…through this site, and at commission meetings etc….with friendly conversation when we meet again.

Best Regards, Barbara Cole


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