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Another parking informational….thanks for the heads up from this reader…

Aruba is the only restaurant whose employees pay $7.49 a month to the town to park in the town parking areas, not at the bank.

Bank United also pays the town for their employees and park in the town parking area.

Now we know who exactly is taking advantage of the reasonable parking permits available from our town for employees.

Last night a transformer gave out on Washingtonia…leaving many without power for a few hours…..a quick surge was felt at Jarvis Hall…..a report from the bcbythesea daughter who resides on the street brought forth a BSO  scoop….

while waiting around on Washingtonia after the blowout…it was observed that BSO firefighters were having a “fashion moment” with a lively and lengthly discussion about their boots!

A former member of the commission has let it be known that there is a distinct difference in the sewer installation received by private road Sunset Lane and  still to be determined for private property Palm Club……in this person’s opinion…an obligation to get the sewer up to the private property was the reason it was proper to run it down the private road…. Palm Club has a different obligation…its private property begins from A1A…which already has the sewer hookup…therefore in this person’s opinion the town’s obligation has been fulfilled.

If this is correct…I revise my previous post of a retroactive assessment for for Sunset Lane….and call it a done deal.


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