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Here’s The Scoop

The Manager of the Sea Ranch Club B building never spoke to anyone “investigating” as a commissioner or representative of the Times about what happened in the wee hours of the morning last Friday!

The Manager was out of town!

The Manager just spoke to BCbythesea…this morning…

he is writing a letter to the Mayor with a full account of what happened!

He called 911 several times…was hung up on…

He was stalled….

He was told by 911 they did not know why the BSO was not responding…

He says our alarm works perfectly..

Reports to the contrary…reports of any “altered” versions of what took place are suspect and erroneous!

A full investigation should be made into false stories arising from this incident that had building residents outside…waiting for a response to a fire…both from BSO….and those delivering false reports of interviews that never took place!

UPDATE: Vice Mayor visits the Manager this morning…”investigating” for the 1st time. with the ManagerĀ  himself..Manager just called me to inform me…HMMMM

Manager says he told him this building was let down…that 911 operators need to be addressed …the building did everything right….the $100 thousand dollar alarm system works…and informed the Vice Mayor that he is the only Manager!


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