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Here’s The Scoop … 2014 …


Dear Readers… this writer watched the September 26, 2011 LBTS final budget hearing …It was another eyeopener of rewritten history and lack of knowing the Town’s history all wrapped up into one!… Sorry to say it will come back to bite the taxpayers in the years to come …

What I’ve learned over the last 6+ years is this …it doesn’t matter who gets elected to the Town commission and it doesn’t matter who is hired to be the Town Manager …both positions are campaigned for with intensity and hard work¬† by the candidates….Unfortunately both positions once handed over to those coveting them quickly does a nosedive into personal /faction-social group agendas …as well as a lack of keeping up the hard work still required to make important decisions along with the status quo of swelled heads of self importance and failed old governmental habits…

Needless to say looking forward to the next municipal election slated for 2012 as well as the approved LBTS budget and newest version of the LBTS 5-year plan it’s a given that nothing’s gonna change until 2014 !….

So for this writer ….. after 6+¬† years and running 2 successful winning LBTS campaigns my hiatus continues on for self preservation and sanity ….as well as time well spent with Lilly who at 17 months already understands the importance of small steps…..boundaries and consequences …The question I wonder now is ….why do those we put in charge lose these very abilities they told us they possessed when asking for our vote? ….

More to come……..

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