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Commissioner Stuart Dodd has decided to take a sabbatical from the CIC after careful consideration of all the factors involved.

Stuart thought of stepping down as CIC Chair while the election was going on….but was persuaded not to… by this writer and others on the board at that time ……concerned with outside influences.

Against his better judgment he stayed, with his intent being…. to step down as soon as the election was over ….if he succeeded in his bid to become a Commissioner.

Upon winning…he again said he wanted to step down, and was implored to wait until the election of new CIC officers a few months away. He reasoned that there were no meetings expected in the time between…. that would be a conflict ….and again put his own decision aside to honor those who worked so hard to help him get elected.

Those around Stuart …who listened to him on numerous occasions…. should distinctly remember his desire to be an “arms length” away from the CIC….so that the CIC could continue on with their duties of “watching over and challenging” their elected officials…as it has always been.

The response from the Florida Ethics Committee in June concerning Commissioner McIntee re-enforced Stuart once again to decide it was of the utmost importance to not have any conflict of interest, which could be perceived by belonging to a political group while serving on the dais.

Again this proved an inopportune time to request a “leave or suspension of membership while serving” due to the July 4th duties he signed on to Co-Chair.

With those duties complete, and no further reason to put his decision on hold, Commissioner Dodd sent a request yesterday to the CIC Board to honor his personal decision to allow him to become an “inactive member” of the CIC until his service to this town is complete.

His ideals ….which are those of the CIC… will remain…. just as they were before and during his membership and leadership of the organization he cherishes so much.

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