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Here’s The Scoop … 12/1/09 LBTS Commission Meeting … Casting Political Aspersions ….In Commissioner Comments …


Dear Readers… On Dec. 1st, at the first LBTS Commission meeting of the month Commissioner Clottey hit a new low (even for her) in her Commissioner comments… She made some accusations aimed at the two new candidates for commission and their supporters either due to a complete mental breakdown or at the coaxing of her Town Hall east mentors…. They are left to politically sling mud in the face of something they have not seen in a very long time and they just can’t wrap their warped minds around… opponents with “no guard” attached to their names.. There is nothing to take their political gloves off to demonize…So all that is left for this “Gang” is an all out down and dirty onslaught of fearmongering…at it’s Mc-Furth worst!… This evening started with the opening shots, right out of the gate  with Crisite Furth and her “Hypo-Crissie” public comments (prev. post) and Peanuts (call me Larry) Wick and his incredibly lame attempt to go after the Mayor and Greenfest once again…knowing full well it was put to bed by the dais long ago…and it ended up costing more to taxpayers in Town Atty. legal bills than the amount in question!…But those two were just the opening act for Commissioner Clottey’s comments…

Comm. Clottey ” Ah, election time is good , but it’s also unfortunately in this town and I presume some places else. You know there a lot of strange things that happen. I’m not running for office, but I sure had ah, a lot of strange things happen to me and strange conversations with people. Um, the low point , what I had thought was the low point for me was when I was called a name, a name from a bar room dictionary went not that long ago. But I was wrong, ah there’s a few people that is kind of singling me out for stuff and I don’t think you realize the consequences of your action. I had told ah, people before I was going to be out of town the week before Thanksgiving and I was. And last Tuesday morning I came out and my brand new car which is only a few months old was vandalized and um, what can I say other than my pocketbook is a little lighter. Cause I just went ahead and I paid for that. Ah, to have the damage repaired.”

“Um, the two gentleman sitting in the audience who are running for office, um please, I ask you would you have liked this to happen to your wife, your daughter? Ah, I know that ah, these things happen and it’s not really the candidate’s fault but I’m not running for office folks, I’m not running. I’m not running for office. Um, and it’s really frustrating when something like this happens. I know that all of us who ran last time ah, you know I had over a hundred of my signs disappear. Part, some of them disappeared for just pure kids, I’m sure. But ah, let’s put a stop to this. Let’s everybody who’s running for office let’s kind of tell people you know let’s not engage in this type of activity.Cause I really, you know I was angry for a few days and I told some of my friends what’s next a brick through my window some night! I don’t think it’s gonna get to that but please, let’s please put a damper on it so that things don’t happen like this anymore and with that I yield.”

BC-I turned to Candidate Chris Vincent and saw he was quite shaken by such accusations, and he said he was insulted. I told him she was crazy. I wrote a public records request for a police incident report for this “vandalism” and went to the staff table in the rear of the hall and gave it to the BSO Police Chief. I later told Commissioner Clottey after the meeting that her comments were disgraceful and despicable to accuse the candidates and their supporters. Commissioner Clottey said she did not do that. I told her she needed to go home and watch herself on tape!… What a leap to accuse people of vandalizing her car…She has been on the record and off the record in many conversations with this writer complaining about the late night goings on in her neighborhood. She has complained about perceived illegal activities late at night when she customarily “soaker-hoses” her lawn…She spoke to former Police Chief Scott Gooding about her observations…and was perturbed  by the response she said she received. This writer knew she “had it in” for Chief Gooding long before the Town Manager joined her  and terminated him…Just this evening the Commissioner complained of the weekly renters and what it brings to her neighborhood…Did it not enter her mind that it could have been due to them?… The BSO has had car vandalism incidents throughout the town…Could it have been a random act done to the commissioner’s car as it was to the others?… Perhaps  Commissioner Clottey did not know or think of it for two reasons…She did not read her backup from the Dec 1st meeting showing an increase in the BSO monthly report and Commissioner Clottey NEVER called the LBTS-BSO police to report the “vandalism” to her car!…The e-mails and Town memo below will confirm this elected official who is known for her past embarrassing and ridiculous dais statements about people being afraid to call the BSO and her own pleas for people to do so, did not follow what anyone who was impacted with such a “crime” would do…call the local police to come to the scene, take a report and investigate!…


From: ” LLerena, Oscar ”
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 15:26:04 -0500
To: Barbara Cole
Cc: Cedeno, Angelo
Subject: Public Records Request

Ms. Cole,

In response to your public records request given to me on 12/01/09, we have no record of any reports made to the BSO LBTS District involving damage to Commissioner Clottey’s vehicle.

Please contact me if you require additional information.

Chief Oscar Llerena
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea District
Broward Sheriff’s Office
(954) 491-3920 Office
(954) 650-0069 Cellular

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 3:46 PM
To: LLerena, Oscar
Subject: Re: Public Records Request

Thank you Chief,
I would like to follow up with a question and two requests.
My question is should a Commissioner- resident report car vandalism to the BSO as a standard practice in order to allow an investigation?
My first request is for any request or inquiry from any member of the Town Administration/ staff to look into the matter as was done in the Malkoon situation a few months ago.
I also request any request or inquiry now or in the future from Comm. Clottey.
Thank you, Barbara Cole

From: “LLerena, Oscar”
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 15:59:10 -0500
Subject: RE: Public Records Request

We have always strongly encouraged any resident to report any incident they believe is suspicious or criminal in nature. Town administration directed me to ensure that I was aware of her statement at the commission meeting and that the issue be handled appropriately. I will satisfy your last request if any public records are generated as a result of this incident.

Chief Oscar Llerena
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea District
Broward Sheriff’s Office
(954) 491-3920 Office
(954) 650-0069 Cellular

Re: Public Records Request
Wednesday, December 2, 2009 4:08 PM
[email protected]
“LLerena, Oscar”
Thank you for your prompt response.
I appreciate the difficulty placed on the BSO when you are not properly informed of such an occurrence in town.
I am sure it is more so when an elected official is involved and is the one who does not inform or rely on your expertise to assist in a crime within your jurisdiction.
Please know the majority of the residents in town know the important role you and your department play each and everyday in providing us first class public safety.
Barbara Cole


A memo was sent on Dec 3, 2009 from the Town Manager to the commissioners concerning Comm. Clottey’s car…

“Please note that there is no record of any reports made to the BSO LBTS District involving damage to Commissioner Clottey’s vehicle. Thank you EC/mi”


Dear Readers, we have a serious problem here. We have an elected official who has falsely accused her constituents of a very serious act while on the dais. We have an elected official who has lost all credibility in casting such aspersions while not following through by reporting this incident to the proper authorities to get to the bottom of it. Did anybody see the damage? Was there an insurance claim made by Comm. Clottey?… I have many doubts about her ability to sit on the dais,…and I can also tell you emphatically, candidate Clottey may have lost a few signs, as did the candidates on both sides …but her claim…”I had over a hundred of my signs disappear.”…is pure fantasy…There was no police report on that one either!…

Where do we go from here?… Unfortunately, in my opinion, we can expect much more of the same strange behavior…..Comm. Clottey will no doubt continue to embarrass us and be be truly clueless…

As she said, she’s not running…she’s not running, folks….but she will still be up there for two very long years to come…

more to come…

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