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Big Faux Pas today at the Sunrise service…

Who made the “executive” decision to exclude the Vice Mayor and Commissioners from the Sunrise Service program?

Shades of past bad moves come rushing back…such as excluding certain commissioners from a photo shoot before the 4th of July etc…

If the new Mayor was aware she should have said something….

Again….this is not a Strong Mayor town!

The rest of the service it was reported was a wonderful event with 300+ in attendance and a dozen or so VFD to help make it happen…assist in the event and disband it as has been their privilege in the past….

A short sermon,  great seating….a wonderful choir and the absence of a clear sunrise was hardly noticed….

Heads up to all those who print out any town event programs or announcements in the future…there are 5 equal members up on the dais…with equal standing….to have equal billing going forth!

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