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Dear Readers….as previously posted there is a small group rabidly trying to put an end to what has been a successful co-existence in the Ocean Plaza ….Aruba Beach Cafe and our Ocean Plaza have proven to be a win-win to all those who have enjoyed both over the last few years!…..

Why this small minority has chosen to spread unfounded fears and falsehoods is mind boggling and so wrong on so many levels!….

Tonight the commission will vote on both Aruba Beach Cafe staying in the Ocean Plaza and the downtown restaurant extension ….yet again!!!!…..

It is time for the majority of those who see the benefit of both extension dining areas  being made permanent as this outstanding and necessary action taken by the commission due to the pandemic in order to assist the restaurants and to protect their patrons and our residents turned out to be perhaps the one positive as a result of it all!!!…..

Please let your commissioners know you want them to support the restaurants in the Ocean Plaza and in the downtown….

Public comments can be made in person tonight at Jarvis Hall…6:30 PM ….It will be a full hall and you won’t want to miss it!…. To send Public Comments in….

[email protected]

My Public Comments….sent in as this writer will unfortunately not be able to attend…

10/10/2022 email-

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Mayor, Commissioners,

Unfortunately, I am not able to attend this all- important meeting with the stand alone agenda item to address the expansion of outdoor dining downtown and in the Ocean Plaza.

The test of this addition to our town for both areas has been an overwhelming success for our town in keeping LBTS in the forefront of being the unique beachfront community has long been known for as both a place to call home and a coveted worldwide destination.

The support for Aruba Beach Cafe is overwhelming throughout our town from many of those who have served on the dais, served on Town boards and Town committees, LBTS pioneer founders of our town, the majority of LBTS hoteliers, downtown businesses, our residents and our visitors.

The only real concern voiced with Aruba Beach Cafe in the Ocean Plaza was if it would impact Town sponsored events in the plaza and that concern has been negated as Aruba has proven to be a wonderful partner with the Town by clearing its outdoor dining extension and positively assisting in each Ocean Plaza event by elevating each one!

Option #1 should remain in place as it is the most advantageous location for both the Town and Aruba Beach Cafe in allowing for diners to enjoy this dining experience in the plaza and for allowing parents to dine as their children do indeed play with the games nearby that Aruba puts away each evening to allow for extended time beyond Town employee hours.

It is a sad day in LBTS when a small negative group puts forth unfounded fears and factual  untruths aimed at this one restaurant that is the historic premier anchor of our town with the Anglin Pier and has consistently provided so much to our town through its extensive advertising, large taxes, countless donations and constant assistance for all Town events over many, many years.

Tonight, I ask for this Commission to join in with voting with overwhelming support for Aruba Beach Cafe to remain where they are in the Ocean Plaza and to extend the gratitude Aruba so richly deserves for their prominent role in our Town’s history as we celebrate our 75th year in 2023!

Barbara Cole


More To Come….

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