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Hee’s The Scoop…NERVOUS NELLIE?….


Dear Readers…As you have seen from previous posts this writer is calling to task the questionable motives behind the questionable actions of the Town Manger with her practice of advertising RFPs…..the lack of the budget backup…and her hiring of Department heads… Yesterday she decided to send out a memo to the Town Commission which was both inaccurate and false…..Below is the memo (public record) and an e-mail I sent today asking for an apology from the Town Manager.


‘ Date July 13, 2009




On July 7, 2009 Barbara Cole indicated to June White, Town Clerk that she did not see the Parking Service Advertisement in the newspaper and she requested a copy, Mrs Cole was informed by the Town Clerk, June White that she needed to follow the Public Request procedures. Within 1/2 hour following conversation with Town Clerk, Commissioner Dodd came in to request a copy of the same advertisement. Copies were distributed to the Commission shortly thereafter.

On July 10, 2009 Barbara Cole requested a copy of the Proposed Budget (2009/2010) back-up and was informed by June White, Town Clerk that there was none. Within 10 minutes Commissioner Dodd came in to pick up his flash drive and asked if there was back-up for the agenda for the Proposed Budget and June White, Town Clerk stated “no”. Within 15 minutes after Commissioner left he called and spoke to Nikki Smith and asked her if there was Proposed Budget back-up and he received the same response as was given by June White, Town Clerk-“no”

On July 13, 2009 Barbara Cole came into Town Hall and asked fort a complete copy of Commercial Boulevard drainage RFP and a copy was given to her as provided to other vendors requesting package. Within 10 minutes Commissioner Dodd called and informed Nikki Smith that the number for the engineer was wrong, he proceeded to ask Nikki Smith for phone number and she provided him with the same number that was on the RFP.

In view of the fact that we are all human and mistakes can occur, Nikki Smith called the phone number in the RFP and confirmed that the number was accurate.

In closing, Barbara Cole or no other individual will avoid the Public Request process by using an elected official to acquire a document.

Elected officials must understand that procedures are in place and staff will provide documents as time permits or in order of priority.

Attached are documents reference the above information.

CC: John Olinzock, Assisitant Town Manager

June White, Town Clerk’


‘July 14,2009
Dear Town Manager Colon:
It has come to my attention that you put out a memo on July 13,2009 concerning my public records requests.(The memo is public record)
Your memo is incorrect, and false.
On July 7, 2009 I attended a bid opening for the signs for the entryways for Bel Air. Upon completing the opening of those bids I asked Town Clerk White if the Parking CitationĀ  Services were advertised. She answered they were on the board and pointed that way. I said I saw them on the board. I asked if it was also in the Sun Sentinel. She answered yes. I said I must have missed it. I asked if the bids were opened on the 2nd as it stated on the board’s RFP. She said there were no bids. I answered really? Nikki was there and agreed that there were no bids. I did not request a copy of the advertisement.

On July 10th, I was in Town Hall looking at the backup for the July 14, 2009 Commission meeting. Upon completion I asked Kathy at the front desk if there was any backup for the budget. She walked over to Town Clerk White in the hallway and inquired. The answer was no. I said thank you very much and left.
On July 13,2009 I went to the Development Dept. to renew my Business Tax License. I walked by the Jarvis Hall board and saw the Commercial Blvd. Drainage RFP. I walked into Town Hall and requested a copy of the RFP and the Contract Documents from Kathy at the front desk. She went towards the back and spoke to Nikki. Town Clerk White was also in the hallway. I was given a copy with the RFP attached and asked to sign for it. I did and I left.
I will state that I do speak with Commissioner Dodd. I will also state that I do not have to ask Comm. Dodd for any public records request assistance.
According to your own memo your conclusion does not match your content. The memo says I came in first despite the misinformation provided to you by your Town Clerk of what actually transpired.Therefore I could not have asked Comm. Dodd to acquire any documents.
With the exception of picking up the contract documents on the 13th, all my public requests are in e-mail form which I still possess and I am sure your PIO still has as well.
I have never had any problem whatsoever with getting any requests from your staff and do not need anyone to help retain it.
I feel you owe me an apology for making such false accusations, and feel you owe an apology also to Commissioner Dodd for thinking he could and would be “used” in such a manner.
Sincerely, Barbara Cole’

BC- I am more than ready to go under oath about any of the false accusations made to set the record straight. I am told that VM McIntee may “use” this memo to “protect his Town employees”… but as my e-mail response indicates, I have never had any problem with public records requests made to the Town employees. I have never had a cross exchange with the Town Clerk, Nikki Smith, PIO d’Oliveira or the Receptionist Kathy. In fact they have always been helpful and courteous.

I do talk to Comm. Dodd, and will go on record to state I never asked him to get me any documents.

In conclusion, inĀ  this writer’s opinion, the fact that the Town Manager sent out such a memo sure looks like she is one Nervous Nellie…and is all the more reason to call for her required performance review to take place ASAP!…

more to come…….

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