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Home bi- polar disorder test causes stir….

Dr. Kelsoe..spent his career identifying biological roots of disorder…took a provocative moveĀ  in the academia world of selling a home test online to the public for $399…of course many are concerned with mistakes being made…but those who have interest, have concern and do not want to go in for testing….


HPV vaccine for women on the fast track with FDA approval to extend the age to 45 years…

Just as with the previous vaccine …it is essentially to protect from “some” cervical cancer STDs that come from being sexually active with multiple partners…reports of side effects are hard to find unless googled…the extension in age…divorced womwn who are sexually active….

a trip to the gynocologist these days brings forth a pamphlet on the subject, an additional test that cost $150…and having to sign if you refuse it… over kill to say the least…

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