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Have We Burned Our Bridges….

What’s the deal with LBTS and the Sun-Sentinel?

Is our information officer doing his job?….if so and he is sending in timely news and events announcements for the town to the paper…why are we missing in action?

Case in point….Chamber’s Craft Fair/ Easter- By- The- Sea/ Sunrise service….are recent items that should have been placed in the Community Roundup News in the Local section…. alongside with our neighboring towns.

A suggestion was made to keep a count of who was included over a period of a week or two…no need …I can assure you it has had all neighboring towns ….

Last week we were finally included for the Homestead meeting at Jarvis Hall …on the day of… which is still a gaffe…why not an advance inclusion for those who might have wanted to attend?

Are we persona non gratis because of the majority on the dais?

Need some answers to make sure the next events published…. as they should be!


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