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Hammerin Away…

Over at the blogathon…today will I guarantee you…. be a bashin day aimed at me….

why…I sent an email to the Sun-Sentinel Editor asking him to disband this long running slug fest.

why….it’s become more than just counterproductive …it has become the underbelly of LBTS ……beyond nasty , incomprehensibly venomous, full of sexual innuendo, slimy comments, and throwing out whatever can be thrown out just because…..the blogger can……feeling invincible while being hidden from the world!

I fully expect that those bloggers will let me have it with both barrels today….

let’s see…they will comment about the following….( judging from past hammerins) my weight, my looks, my shoes (always the shoes!), my association with you name it….my ulterior motives, my control, my lack of control, who is controlling me….(depending on the topic), where I should go, my family, and whatever else flies out from their bloggin fingers on the keyboard today!

I have been on the blog and let the others know that I sent the Editor the email stating he should be aware of what his paper is hosting…..what happens is up to him.

I also, invited those who blog there (most think there are less then a dozen actually participating) to send him their own requests pro and con…..but there will be one sticky wicket to this action, the blogger will have to divulge who they are! Hiding will not be an option behind their monikers…..a disturbing dilemma to those who throw the most smut about!

Time will tell the outcome….the response from the Editor and the Sun-Sentinel…… I will monitor the site until it closes down….but now will no longer blog there….

The results if any….will be on my own website.

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