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Future Of The CIC

The largest civic organization in LBTS is about to face some challenges as it moves forward and grows…..

In the mail right now are ballots ….being returned …by the members….

votes to change some by-laws…

Should a sitting commissioner be allowed to be on the Board?

Should the Board increase its member from 7- 9?

Should the members vote for the officers rather than the Board?

Nominations are also being sent back….for the Officers…if that vote wins….and for the possibility of increased Board members.

Nominations can still be made from the floor and members may self- nominate.

March 30, 2008 …..meeting results will be announced….

The new Board will be elected on April 24, 2008.

I have chosen not to run again, as previously stated in a post, my bio and also written in the letter that went out to members.

Just as not wanting to return to a town board or run for a commission seat….I much prefer sitting out front and writing about what takes place.

As with the direction the Commission takes us as we move forth in LBTS….I am also interested to see what direction the new Board will take the CIC as we move forward…..

We are in a new world in both arenas….a majority on the dais….a plus for what we fought for as a civic group…

that being said it does present a fork in the road for what we the CIC, are now……. a watchdog group, still….. or a cheerleading squad?

Yes, you can be both….

but the watchdog part…. is our foundation…what makes this organization different than the others….the reason so many like me joined in the first place….

it needs to be front and center with no one impeding that core value.

Who is elected to the Board will have a lot to do with this….

My hope is that new people step up and nominate /self nominate so that new ideas…new opinions and a diversified Board is set in place in April.

Just as on the dais at Jarvis Hall……. at CIC meetings ….questioning should be respected from all Board members and members at large.

I do not think any organization such as this one should stop holding those elected accountable for every decision they make whether they are CIC elected or not.

A few have put forth since the election…. that we should only be cheerleaders….should not “break ranks” (sorry terminology, to say the least)…..should not put a cloud over the victory we had this election…..with opinions that differ…

As an independent….I take exception to each one of these assertions.

Cheerleading certainly when it is warranted….

“Breaking ranks”……just too far off the mark of independent thinking to even deal with…..

Clouding our victory……we are not lemmings!

My votes will be for new members who have shown enthusiasm and the willingness to participate …..who want to make a difference….

I plan to sit at the meetings….and see ….what will be the future of the CIC?


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