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From 9 to 11?

In today’s Sun-Sentinel at

Michael Mayo writes about a last-ditch effort to revive the vote to add a mayor at- large on the November ballot.

Before it was a strong mayor…(previously posted about the Jenne connection), this time it is a kindler, gentler county-wide mayor and a sidekick county-wide commissioner to boot!

They would be county-wide meaning they would cover the county as a whole…a whole lot of moola that is! …707 thousand taxpayer dollars to expand the Broward Commission members from 9-11!

Pushing the issue the powerful Broward Workshop Group …..Hmmm

In this time of asking our representatives to cut back, knowing the economy is what it is…the housing market is what it is….the increase each town will have from amendment 1 and state cutbacks…..are they tone deaf?

I am all for voters having a say, especially the right to vote on something big… vote in November ….NO!


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