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For 3 Cities, The Wait Is Over

Looks like Hillsboro has company…..Hollywood and Pembroke Pines are joining them in swaearing in their mayors and commissioners despite not having the official election results.

Hillsboro started the trend Tuesday evening, which even surprised the newly elected commissioners.

Hollywood will swear in their mayor and 6 commissioners today at noon.

Pembroke Pines will do their own at 6 pm today.

Only one waiting is LBTS, due to our town’s charter preventing such an inauguration until the results are certified. Our ceremony will be next week….still uncertain as to whether it will be Tues.12th or Wed.13th at 5 pm.

For those concerned about the set 1st commission meeting for the 12th…it was changed to Tues. the 19th with a organizational meeting preceeding it at 5 pm.

So what does this all mean….

as I stated yesterday, we need to fix this before the next election either by changing the charter to join in on early swearing in ceremonies,making sure the Supervisor of Elections can certify municipal separately from federal results, or keeping with the tradition of municipal elections in March!


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