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2 asides to the last 2 scoops….

A little history about the former chief of LBTS police…Edward Patten, who will have a visitation on Friday from 2- 4 pm with a memorial service following at 4 pm at T.M. Ralph Funeral Home, 371 NW 136th Ave., Sunrise…..

www.miamiherald .com

Chief Patten’s Obituary touched me in many ways….and really brought me back home…literally… it turns out the chief was from Highland Park, Ill. where my husband and I grew up. His father was the police chief of Highland Park…and his father must have known my father who was an attorney for the Highland Park police around that time…small world.

The sidewalks….who is going to answer for this?

It seems that an emergency meeting should be called.

Why is it that Director of Development has not yet responded to the inquiries that were requested from the dais 2 meetings ago by Commissioners Dodd and Clottey?

A meeting should have been called with Oriana and the town….. legal advice should have taken place with someone other than the soon to be ex- Town Attorney as a result of the El Mar 2 Lane meeting vote….in order to preclude this ongoing construction of the sidewalk, installed in the wrong place.

A lane is supposed to be 10 feet as a minimum…are there going to be 2- 10 feet lanes on either side of the median on El Mar Drive in front of Oriana?

If not…it is not 2 lanes!

Instead of cell phones….insurance….and such….it is time continue on with cleaning up the previous commissions messes such as this….first…so that Oriana sidewalks, El Mar 2 lanes, Bel Air overcharges for 150 thousand for mailboxes or something else in the contract….Seagrape Streetscape Project over costs, change costs, Keller’s billings…. are dealt with as the Overlay Districts have been….go down the list Commission….go down the list!


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