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Evening Walk

Went on the usual evening El Mar walk….saw Peanuts walking home from town….and encountered the terrible predicament all walkers face after the rain!

To make it down the road you have to spend time in the street….the sidewalks are flooded! We need some temporary sidewalks with barriers to protect our citizens and our tourists!

On one side in front of Minto (west side) both the sidewalk and the road is flooded….across the road the sidewalk is closed altogether.

It gets no better walking south… more flooding on the west, less on the east …no sidewalk in front of Oriana….and no lights!

I just wish all the money going towards Seagrape and Washingtonia would have gone to our “Scenic Highway!”

Some will say this was the plan with making ElMar Drive one lane….well now is the time to deal with it while keeping it two lanes…fix the drainage…and give us a temporary buffer….please!

A neighbor contacted me today and told me of her concern with a fire hydrant south of Oriana……with some building going on very close to it. She said to go take a look and we did….also I know that a few commissioners are aware…..

so I know this neighbor will get an answer.
Perhaps the construction is to put something underground? I hope that it is something like this and not that plans were not adhered to yet again?

One BSO police car circling ElMar…was all we can report….still missing in action from what used to be the norm.

Last but not least….why is it that people do not customarily move to one side when passing on the sidewalks…it seems to be a form of walk rage…who will jump off the sidewalk first! It use to be that each person or group moved to their right…. remember?

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