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Election Certification Process

This election should really be seen as the precursor for what could happen when you combine municipal elections with general elections in November.

Here we are, with a major delay in certification of election results due to waiting for military ballots to be counted for the presidential primary.

Does that make sense?

It is a federal law for all absentee ballots to be counted with a postmark of the day of the election….which is why the Supervisor’s office waits 1 week to make the final count.

Understood, but why not certify municipal elections in which this law does not apply?

Right now the Supervisor’s office says they can only certify the whole election.

Now what needs to be done….

Before we have the next municipal elections in November….

Change the election rules, so the municipal results are separated out and this holdup is a thing of the past!

This needs to be addressed ASAP, so we are ready 2 years from now!


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