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As there seems to be some confusion with regard to advertising in BTST, I am going to summarize for everyone what is required from our side, if you wish to advertise in BTST as indicated previously.

We understand you each want to do a ½ page color ad in each of the three issues: Dec. 14, Jan. 4, Jan. 18. Marc wants to provide the artwork for Birute and Stu; Peanuts’ ads are being created by Eric. We are able to offer each of you the 6-issue color rate of $375 per ad (see price list attached), so the total cost for the three issues per candidate would be $1,125. We have received a deposit check for $500 from Birute thus far.

To get a special election issue together for Jan. 25 all of you and possibly the CIC could participate and share in the cost. The special election issue should be totally confidential and will be a surprise to your opposition (as they will not be expecting any more of our issues prior to the election).

We charged Jerry and Jim $1,300 each for a special issue which was an assortment of 12 color pages, all election/candidate material, including a sample ballot, which some of the voters even brought to the polls with them. Each page was properly disclosed as paid political advertising. (We have copies here at the office, if you want to peruse them.)

As discussed previously with Stuart and Peanuts, we could plan to have the special issue ready on the Thursday, the 24th of January, so it could also be hand-delivered to homes and do double-duty as a mailer to the condos (if you have the envelopes ready to go) and would reach the voters on Friday, Saturday or Monday, just prior to the vote.

Please let us know as soon as possible, if you want to do the special issue; how many pages you want to do, and how you want to distribute the cost, vis a vis the candidates and/or the CIC. This will enable us to begin planning the issue and accumulating the content to make it a powerful tool.


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