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Hello everyone,

As you are aware, for sometime now there has been some confusion going on with-in the CIC and its direction with regard to the By The Sea Times Inc., the MacMillans and the McIntees.

With regard to Jerry, although the CIC will deal with him as they see fit; we have noticed and are concerned that some people’s comments made in public can and are being interpreted as slights to say the least, and as members of the CIC we feel it important to go on record as suggesting the following comments at meetings from now on, or something like this: “Mr. McIntee has fought a long tough battle, a battle that very few could withstand against Parker’s cruel and underhanded ways, and he is continuing to fight a tough battle, for it is not over. The CIC and anyone endorsed by the CIC will remain eternally grateful he came along when he did, and we all look forward to gentler times working with Commissioner McIntee on the dais once the ‘old guard’ has been removed”.

Although we are not always fans of some of Jerry’s somewhat abrupt ways, we appreciate that he “gets the job done”, and we have always found it appropriate to be direct and address our issues with Jerry face-to-face or within the small setting of our pizza group, but we do not need to dwell on this; Jerry is quite capable of speaking for himself.

With regard to the CIC and its handling of the Internet site, which has been a troubling issue to us at By The Sea Times, we have been saying all along the following, and will repeat it in writing to prevent misinterpretations:

The CIC is free to advertise where and with whom it chooses. We make no restrictions on whatever the CIC does as long as the membership majority approves. As members we reserve the right to object to anything it does and make our views known to the membership should we feel it necessary to do so.

In the last 7 days we have been approached on at least three separate occasions about what is or is not acceptable on the CIC Internet site. For example, Marc Furth phoned to suggest some idea about donating his photos as prizes, I asked him to drop by with his ideas, and he has yet to do that, so I don’t know the status at present. Meanwhile Christie Furth asked us at last night’s commission meeting for a decision about what would or would not be included in the CIC’s ad, I told her I would think on it. Later I spoke with Chairman Stu Dodd and suggested to him that the best way to handle items between the CIC and the Times was to see what all the CIC directors want and then we (the chairperson and I) can have a meeting and come up with agreeable solutions for both sides. He agreed.

We welcome everyone to give us ideas and their input; we enjoy you dropping in at our office with ideas and stories.

But if it has to do with the CIC don’t expect us to commit to answer until we deal with the Chairperson of the CIC, as anything less is subject to misinterpretations. You might recall last year when the CIC only had around 45 to 50 members and there was little direction, I suggested that we form a “Pizza Group” to meet every two weeks to better get things done and be on the same page. This worked extremely well up until August when a splinter group formed that did not include the McIntees and MacMillans and since then there has been a fair amount of conflict erupting; conflict is normal now and then; however, I believe it would be wise for the original “Pizza Group” to restart and move on with assurances of trust toward each other and get on and win this election.

Also Stu and I had a meeting at 11 am Oct 24 and we went over the points we felt were important in an effort to work together. To simplify the working relationship and to rebuild trust I suggested that he (Stu) and Barbara Cole and the Furth’s assure me in writing that now and in the future the CIC’s Internet site or the email addresses they acquire will not be used as a “news service”. He gave assurances that this should not be a problem.


In this scenario, I could see running the ad in the Times for people interested in joining the CIC to go to the that website, provided there is a clear message on that CIC site that the By The Sea Times is the official newspaper of LBTS, and we would reinstate the link to our paper. Also, Eva would agree to continue to let the CIC use her slogan, “Working toward progress while respecting tradition”.

I also sadly noticed that Stu appeared tired and a little frustrated of late, but willing to cooperate, so I suggest the following to those reading this email for consideration. (Sorry to speak about you in the third person here, Stu.)

We all know that Stu works during the day and has some health issues and his plate is very full. It is my opinion that Stu should step down as Chairman of the CIC and concentrate on getting elected and his health and get out of and stay out of the internal fray a bit more; this is not a good time for him to be a catalyst. Consider the easy ride that Peanuts is having by just having to concentrate on his bid for mayor. Due to the hard efforts of the past few years of us all, Stu is in great shape to win and he should be concentrating mainly on that.

I also believe that Peanuts and Beirute or Bob Eckblad stand a very good chance. Although Jerry got elected while being the chairman of the CIC, we have outgrown the necessity for this; the CIC should continue to mature into a more professional appearing organization. It could easily be perceived as a conflict or deterrent to outsiders for a candidate to be calling for applications from others who may want to run for his same seat.

Barbara Cole could easily step up as Chairperson and give Stu more breathing room. If Barbara does not want to be chair then maybe Marc or Christie Furth could carry the mantle of chairmanship for a while.

As chair, Stu is leaving himself open for attacks from the other side on many fronts; taking the high road of resigning to run in the election, uplifts him as well as the appearance of the CIC.

Best regards, jwm

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