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Dear Stu, thank you for your concern but we don’t understand your confusion…

  1. Obviously our gentle comments to Marc were not resolved which is not a big deal, we are not interested in making any demands.
  2. We are not interested in Scoops back and forth nor do we have the time to debate such a thing, everyone is free to do as they please and should let their conscience be their guide, we of course reserve the right to let our conscience guide us.
  3. Our goal has always been to help provide (what we believe) better government in LBTS and provide a newsservice to the general public to let them know what is going on as they were never aware in the past.
  4. A few years ago and regularly since then, we made it very clear to Barbara Cole in particular, but also others that a news type of web site for the CIC would seriously interfere with our effectiveness. What is so hard to understand? How ever we recognize that the CIC (and all) are free to do as they please and we encourage it, but to maintain our effectiveness we now have to pull away from such behavior.

First of all we are not upset, (I suppose we should be as the Times is an extension of our livelihood as apposed to a hobby) we have asked for a few considerations and they were not followed up on, really not a big deal.

We certainly believe in freedom of the press and encourage the CIC to pursue its newsservice, but just as the publisher at the Sun-Sentinel was not interested in helping us with the boxes, we of course are not interested in helping the CIC newservice.

I suppose we should be upset at the insensitive attitude it takes for some to climb on the hard work of others and insert themselves cheaply in front of these hard efforts, clamoring for some kind of fame. We are not upset, indeed we are amused. We simply do not have the time to tell others (nor should we, nor do we want to be so arrogant) how to behave.

Best regards, jwm

Start with….scoop…Duplicity…but by whom?…..

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