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I was initially virtually the only person to argue against my Editor and a commissioner that the Palm-Club sewers issue was a sure winner which should be pushed as a primary campaign issue. I was told it would lose votes for our candidates.

Reaction throughout the Town — including many north-beach condos — has proven me correct. “Success has a thousand parents; failure is an orphan!”

I now feel it would be a serious mistake to hold the Palm Club itself up to ridicule on the cover of the special issue. I have spoken with Stuart, who strongly agrees.

It would be seen as a gratuitous slap in the face to the owners of the Palm Club, who are not the culprits in this proposed travesty of fiduciary relationships. The culprits are Cooney, Clark, Baldwin and the old guard. They should be the only ones ridiculed and attacked, not the Palm-Clubbers themselves.

The candidates need a happy, positive picture like the one used two years ago, that will make readers feel good about our guys and gal — not one that can be interpreted as mean-spirited, and with which I would not want to be in any way associated.



Start with…scoop….Duplicity…but by whom?…….

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